Saturday, 14 February 2009

Fat Content Of Meat

Anyone else noticed an increase lately?.

We've been aiming for the more expensive end of the cheap meats (chicken, beef mince, snags) recently and the fat content has been through the roof.

Anyone else getting that, or is it just my part of the world?.


  1. Can't say I've noticed it Moko. Maybe your supermarket is looking to up the profit margin - have you shopped around?

  2. Don't blame America.


    I just ate a SPAM sandwich..was good.
    slice of spam,slice of cheese on wheat toast.
    (threw the spam in the microwave first)

  3. Our ground beef comes in regular, lean and extra lean. I usually buy lean. Chicken has been terrible though - we've had to trim and skin a lot of it.

  4. Is it a reflection of the price for low quality stuff going up - i mean do you think there is worse or better beef mince you could buy. you're going to need to give us examples - prices, estimated fat content.
    So that's your homework
    off ya hop

  5. As with most things you get what you pay for I reckon. Eye Fillet beef (normally $37 a kilo here), skinless chicken breast fillets, extra lean mince being good examples of less fat content & high price.
    Snags I don't believe are "on the list" at all .
    I'm on a diet of sorts at the moment, and its frackin expensive!

  6. Can't say that I've noticed. The butcher down the road from me makes these awesome Shiraz & Pepper snags - so good

  7. With any cut, how you cook it can also help with how much fat you end up consuming. Yes, quality will vary, sometimes with snags it can be as silly as the butcher having a bad day, but look around there are plenty of tips on how to reduce the amount of fat you end up with on the plate.

  8. Still got Lamb With A Name from the parents so I haven't bought meat recently.

  9. Was I thrown to the dogs like an unwanted fatty sausage? My comment failed to appear.

    My local butcher has an excellent range of meaty goodness including a yummy rissole that I call "mystery balls". Why so? I hear you ask.

    When I asked the maker of tasty meaty morsels what was in them he said it was a secret and he would have to kill himself if he told me.

    Me thinks that your purvayor of meats may be palming off the apprentice's rejects onto you.

  10. Thinking the same Al buddy. Didn't get your comment before dude.

    Mystery balls?.....mmmmm sounds delish!. lol

  11. I have been told that a local deli has better meats and better pricing than the A&P (which would not be difficult), and that he has awesome takeout. I shall have to investigate.

  12. Can't say I've noticed. Here you can buy ground beef at various levels of fat content, from 85% lean to 93% lean, so the fat will get put in somewhere.

  13. Haven't noticed the levels going up in mince or snags.
    Mmmm. Pork sausages.

  14. I haven't noticed this with lean beef, but like becomingkate, I have noticed that we're trimming more fat from chicken. However, I have noticed beef prices inching up and up.


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