Thursday, 5 February 2009

The course, and jobs.

Had my first night of the course I'm doing last night. Fuck loads of peeps; about 60. Really interesting, and got some homework already. Which is cool. It's sussing out the coroners court and various aspects of it. There's a research project coming up soon which I might get a head start in. We know the basics, but haven't had a run down on it yet. It's all a fraction cryptic at the mo.

It's funny, every course you do or group you belong to is made up of the same personalities every single time. There's loud guy that's all smoke. There's the quiet chick that coughs up genius whenever she talks. There's the breezers that just sit there and cruise it. The people that fuck around. Kinda funny. Same dynamic in EVERY group.

Calling in every favour for work. lol Fucken HATE faxing and emailing resumes and they just end up on the floor below the fax at the other end or in the spam trap on someones account. If I EVER run a job company I'll look after you, I promise.

I called an agency after I faxed my resume through to see if they got it and the child on the other end said, "Oh KAY, I'll check for you, I haven't looked ALL DAY hehehehehe",

This was 1130. Sounds of walking and talking and giggling. She gets to where the fax is and says,

" Oh KAY, there's SO many. One sec. What's your name again?, oh KAY, ummmmm, heheheheheh, there's SO MANY",

I'm just rolling my eyes. EVENTUALLY she found it and confirmed it got there. I nearly asked what was she gonna do with it now?, dump it back on the floor?. It shits me how you can't talk to someone about what you're about and looking for before applying for the job. You need to apply THEN find out about it at the interview wasting everyone time usually.

I got some leads on jobs I said the other day I'd NEVER do. Sigh. It's work, and I'll just pray for the best.


  1. You're right about people on courses. I'm usually one of the breezers hanging out for pub time.

  2. I was always the girl that looked like a dumbass, talked like a dumbass but spoke with an intelligence that could blow people away. If you believe that, I got the Statue of Liberty to sell you.. lol

    Naw I know what you mean, though. I always hated finding out about the job at the interview instead of before.

  3. I also don't get why everyone's time must be wasted applying for jobs where description, terms and conditions and salary are kept top secret until the eleventh hour - dumb!

  4. Yeah, group dynamics are an interesting thing - I'll bet you'll only think that homework is cool for about a week!

  5. someone should write a book about the group phenomenon you talk about. i wonder if it's the same in virtual groups, like blogging sites? hmmm...

  6. I'm just breezing through on my way to Mary's blog...

  7. You forgot about the guy who asks a ton of questions two minutes before the class ends for the day.

    Sounds like you ought to apply for a job taking care of all the incoming resumes wherever the ditzy girl was working and she should be on unemployment!


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