Wednesday, 25 February 2009

How long till the yank summer, and online gaming.

Battlefield 1943 comes out then. It's a cheapo download game based on the Frostbite Engine that BFBC runs on.

Frostbite (if you're interested click BFBC in the previous sentence) is a destructo enviro engine that allows most buildings and structures to be blown apart. The first game to do it to that degree. Personally, it sets the benchmark for me. The benchmark used to be computer AI, but with the advent of Online Multiplayer the AI issue is redundant. IF you want a challenge, go online. But I digress, again, but anywho...

If I hit something with a weapon big enough to vapourise something then I want it vapourised. That's the biggest let down for the last two in the Call Of Duty series. World At War is just BLAH for me. It doesn't do it for me anymore for various reasons. The single player, however, is OUTSTANDING, but as a multiplayer it sucks. I'll elaborate in the comments if anyone actually does give a fuck why.

Anyway, seasons don't matter around Brisbane cause it goes from 'Pleasant, with the ability to sleep' season (winter) to the 'ARGH' season (summer) with some transitional weather anomilies in between.

So how long?. The developers won't put a date stamp on it.


  1. Good luck with the game, and pray for me on Sunday when I have a dozen or so small kids running amok around the house for a birthday party, I think it is supposed to be 30 in Brissy then, so probably about 34 where I am.

  2. Have fun - it sounds a bit too hard for me!

  3. You around the Ipswich area Daze?. I'm at Fernvale.

    Lerm ~ Sounds harder than it is.

  4. Not far from Chambers Flats, just in a suburb that is a bit jeckle and hyde. One end you wouldn't leave your doors open ever and my end, where people can have garden ornaments and they don't get touched.

  5. Summer is officially June 21, but it runs until Sept 21, so anywhere in there is my best guess, Moko :-)

  6. Where I live, summer runs from about May 1 until October 1. Just wanted to stop by and say that I read this blog all the time, but when the topic is games and whatnot, I feel too ignorant to add anything by commenting. Didn't want you to think I'd forgotten ya.

  7. sorry im not on xbox live anymore..(technically I still am..just not playing)


    Well when you have a dual core 2.6ghz AMD,4GB DDR2-800 and 2x 9800GT video cards (paired or in SLI mode) look at games like Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Farcry 2

    Been working on FC2 and playing COD4 on the PC..
    the mouse and keyboard is nice,I just wish I had another button on my mouse so I could use the melee quicker..

  8. Sorry I haven't been around much, dude.
    I've just really lost all blogging desires. And that fucks with my reading as well.

    Plus. I've been spending a lot of time co-oping with the dude. Can you really still be playing Left 4 Dead? No, really? Yes. yes I am. Why? I love the mindless fun. :D

  9. They have been getting more and more reticent about letting out release dates, because we get a bit shitty when the game is not up to scratch. AND they keep shutting down studios. (GFC...) Team xbox & IGN used to be the best with the dates. I just want another Mass effect....mmmmmm hot aliens.

  10. Think there's another one coming U. Think that's something they not might like about multiplayer. People are EXTREMELY critical and they get feedback instantly and by the hour on the forums. I saw it happen with the CoDWAW forums with the transition from BETA to the game. They were getting literally hundreds opinions an hour.

    I think it's good. It'll keep them honest.

    Morph ~ It's great to see ya pop in occasionally. BE sad if you didn't. Years ago I played Conflict: Desert Storm over and over in the co-op. Never got sick of it.

    AK ~ Sorry, that's totally meaningless to me. Good set up I'm guessing. Whatever floats your boat. I liked CoD4 on the PC cause of the chat function and in game console where you could punch up shit like asking people to move or whatever just by hitting a button.

    Mary ~ Same story for me. I drop by.


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