Monday, 2 February 2009

Black Pots, Black Kettles.

A rant many of us will read this morning stirred a simmering frustration in my psyche. I'm thrilled to be part of a virtual community that found it's origins in a land that now merely a scattering of zeroes and ones on the ground like some unseen insurgent let off a 155mm artillery shell underneath it's foundations - I've gotta stop reading books on Iraq too. I take a huge amount of pleasure in - virtually (both senses of the word) - meeting new and interesting people from all over the globe. The destruction of JS hasn't really changed ANYTHING about how I function online within this community.

I'm stoked that you take the time to acknowledge the things that I choose to share in regards to what's going on in my existence. I'll do my best to head your way and check out what you life is about. Of course, life being what it is we can't all do it everyday, but 'occasionally' IS possible.

I'm stoked to have a comfy little spot in the Birmoverse. We all get along really well and all share a common interest in the works of Birmo and those closely related to his works as well. Occasionally there'll be a flare-up, but if intelligent passionate people didn't once in awhile there'd be something wrong, and obviously we'd all be hiding something. As much of a fan of the work as I am I'm just as much of a fan of the person as well. I went and had lunch with a few regulars and Birmo in 'The Valley' last year and was stoked to go and physically be part of this thing and shoot some shit with people I admire and respect. Girl Clumsy, Mick, NatV, Birmo, Orin and a couple of others that I haven't come across since. [There's the butter]

The article this morning caused me to pause, however. I personally spent 7 days writing something for the Birmoverse Fan-Fiction. Didn't get so much as an acknowledgement. I obviously did it for myself mostly, but, ya know.....?.

I went into "well, I did this, and this, and this, and this..." but deleted it. It makes no difference. I wouldn't have brought this if it wasn't for the:

"You lazy bastards. You make me sick. What is it with you people that you just won't get off your butts and drag yourself a couple of klicks out of your way? The curse of localism, that's what it is, and this town is suffering because of it. More importantly, ol' JB is suffering too."

I get the humour, and I know it's tongue in cheek, but there's most definitely an underlaying truth and feeling in the sentiment. He's also right. There's many a thing that I've missed due to the 'localisation' thing, but my point is, make sure you've got your own shit squared away before you start swinging clubs.

....what's the bet this is the only entry he reads. Sigh. And if you do, check out the "Thou Shalt Not Kill" one. Link's too the right. It's better.


  1. Don't know Moko, it is a bit like the people that complain that people visit and don't comment. Personally I have no problem with that at all.

    I can only control my own actions and refuse to waste any of my time worrying about others.

    People will respond to you or they won't, gotta be happy with yourself so you don't care if they don't.

    Of course this could be a sympton of me being a recluse at heart.

  2. are you complaining about the lack of people or the lack of "class" people my large kiwi freind.
    One the the things i will miss abot JS is the lack of a visit log, so i have no idea if anybody is reading my shit. BUT i have 50 or so people i follow. most i have commented on But i only do that when the mood strikes or i feel i have something to add. so i figure most of the people that visit my crap, don't comment. I guess my point is ( and i apologise if i missed your point) don't let your ego get tied up in this intangible world we have created here, you will always be dissapointed.

  3. I definitely don't lose sleep over it, and I don't mind lurkers. That's the majority percentage of the traffic. It's not something I lose that much sleep over, but it's a courtesy thing for me. On the whole, not aiming at Birmo in particular.

    I'm stoked with how my little slice of the net runs, I have no complaints with my blog.

    I get the feeling I'll be defending myself over this one.

  4. Well speaking as the person who ALWAYS has to visit everyon else as NO-ONE comes to see me here in Perth. I know exactly where JB's coming from!!

  5. No, Uamada, it's not ego. If you come here and read my stuff, and contribute, it's only courtesy that I go to your blog and read your stuff and contribute occasionally.

    I've got NO IDEA who lurks, or how many lurk. I don't have a counter thing.

  6. lol Chaz, dude, in Perth you may as well be in the deep dark sub-continent. lmao.

  7. Moko

    I am a great lurker.

    I have been watching all of your (and others) blogs for quite some time.

    I just don't comment very often.

    I only found you all after following a convoluted path from Birmos Brisbane Times Blogs then Wikipedia then Chessburger Gothic.

    Keep the good work going.


  8. Thanks heaps Gaz. Very much appreciated.

  9. Mate, Its documented, I talk, lurk, sprout shite and maybe just occasionally send a decent comment some buggers way. BUT, I do get where you arre coming from.

    I was actually thinking this morning about one of the things I misss about JS. Its not being able to see live, who is commenting, makes it fucking hard to have a continual conversation when you do not know its happening. What with so many blogs about the joint, then there is the sign in requirment depending on what is hosting the blog as well. its simply driving me fucking nuts at the moment.

    Lately, I have been very aware of not getting to blogs and my own, just a product of being bloody god dam fucking busy, but feeling guilty none the less. JUST keep at it ya big sook.:-P.

  10. Roflmao Thanks H. Everyone is busy. That's life. The sign in shit annoys me too. So do the password thingoes.

    I don't expect EVERYONE I follow to come here everytime I scratch something down.

  11. Just don't expect courtesy ever, anywhere and you will be pleasantly surprised everytime you experience it.

    Install google analytics on your site and while you don't know exactly who it is looking at your stuff at least you get a feel for how many are visiting and where they are from.

    Only problem is you will get data overload.

    If you want help installing it, shoot me an email.

  12. uamada said...

    "are you complaining about the lack of people or the lack of "class" people my large kiwi freind."

    That's gonna eat at me all day if I don't address it. Neither. I hope I'm not that superficial. I have a friend who's homeless with NO teeth, I have a friend who's a millionaire with perfect teeth. I'm honoured to call them both friends.

  13. well, junior jet setter birmingham firmly instructed us to all go and cheer up the moko two point zero.
    so where's the cuppa?
    weak oolong with a drop of buzz juice
    please ;)

  14. I didn't really come here to comment. I didn't even read your shitty ass blog entry. I can't be bothered to read such dribble and nonsense.

    I just came here to offer ya up a blow job.

    Well, didn't you tell me I should blow someone? heh

    Eh, I do wish I could see if I get any traffic at all. Its the only thing I really miss about JS. I wish they had a fucking widget for it. But, I'm gonna write even if I were to find out that no one reads my shit.

    I'm enjoying this end of town a lot better, I think. I'm establishing a pretty cool and obnoxious friendship with you, and thats fucking awesome!

    Can you get that head through the door? Geeeeeez.. some ego you have.. hahaha

    Now about that blow job...

  15. Chaz - didn't FH visit you a while back? Looking forwards to seeing you on this side of the continent in a couple of days anyway.

  16. Virtual ~ A dash of Johnny red in a cappuccino is angels piss. Couldn't recommend it more.

    Thanks for stopping in, but I'm chirpy, well, as chirpy as one can be after dropping moolah on a new tire. One would think they're lined with golden THREAD...wouldn't one?.

    Jesus Doll, my suggestion was aimed more towards the potential seller. You gonna get me hung....well hung. WOOF WOOF ROWL roflmao. You KNOW I always appreciate your attempts at getting me shot.

    Naut can help you out with the google thingo that he mentioned. It counts who and where things appear from.

  17. ok, so now ya want to go all fucking High Tech. Hey naut...ME TOOOOOOOO

  18. Hey Moko. I just get lost with all of the blogs I line up to visit. I need a blog version of those sat nav car thingies:
    "Go to Birmo's blog. Next visit Moko's page. Stop at Murph's tree. Check out Lermie's Lounge. Better hop off at Kittenheel's joint.
    etc etc."
    I like to watch ...

  19. It could be worse moko, instead of no one commenting on fan fiction,it could be no one commenting on anything. Period. Just another thought, perhaps there are a few out there who a just a little overwhelmed at the community they have found, sometimes they may feel that they shouldn't butt in, seriously. Newbies might be feeling a little like new kids in school and not as confident as they might normally be.

  20. I so wish I could join one of the Birmoverse gatherings one day. Maybe next time you could print out my profile pic and prop it up on the table. Then you could have a swig of whatever-it-is you're drinking on behalf of me.

  21. As a matter of fact you just gave me food for thought over at Briggadoon. A.K.A my web page.
    (Briggadoon): An old movie starring Gene Kelly about a place you can only find once every hundred or so years.

  22. Therbs ~ lol Yeah, I spread it out over the day.

    Daze ~ It seems my point got lost to most in translation. I understand the newbie thing, you're right. I'm not complaining about who visits ME or how much they comment HERE. I'm stoked with how this place is running and I was blown away - no, doll, not that sort lol - with the support I got for that story. I used my blog as an EXAMPLE, not evidence of the problem. You come here and contribute, I go to yours and contribute. To me, that's how it should be.

    This is what I'm saying:

    I'm sorry my point got lost. It seemed odd to me to that someone could have a shot at the people around for making no effort in things that really are accessible - WHICH IS THE TRUTH - but at the same time neglect the people that inhabit his own universe. Pot black, kettle black. Is all.

  23. Mary ~ the boys are all chipping in for a 30 mil lotto win. They'll fly you out if they win....I'm sure.

    Daze ~ Can't wait to read it.

  24. Moko, in Perth no-one can hear you blog....

    GB: Thats true Dirk did come a visiting. But NO-ONE else has!! Whinge whinge whinge

  25. I always enjoy reading your blog Moko, but I am guilty of being a lurker at times! I find this new blog-o-sphere overwhelming at times and it feels like a full-time job keeping up with everyone's stuff!

    So, on my end at least, it's nothing personal at all, I'm just having a hard time keeping up!

    Cheers! Jen :D

  26. Moko ... what fanfic piece are you talking about? Could you re-post here?

  27. Oh, and add that "following" widget to your page so that I can add you to the blog list I regularly click through you lazy bastid.

  28. I love reading other peoples blogs, and also their fiction - I do try and comment because I reckon that comments are half the fun - loved Uamada's latest, Colonel Havock always has good stuff and I liked your fiction at JS but I haven't seen too much of it here. You'll have to tell me where you keep it all now.

    So let us know where you are hoarding it or who else from JS is writing - I honestly enjoy reading it. And remember, Lermontov loves you!

  29. "And remember, Lermontov loves you!" What lerm will do to get into some nightclubs..thats sad that is!

  30. Ooof - bodyshot from Chaz!!! Lermontov is down for the count!

  31. Yeah, I've turned into a bit of lurker. In JS I felt safe in the knowledge that you knew I'd visited. Now there's no way. (same on my blog, I've got NO idea who visits0

    Chaz, I visit you loads of times its just that I don't comment much any more, I don't know why.

    Another thing I miss about JS is being able to visit everyone quickly as you're all under one roof so to speak.

    Moko, I here you with regards to the fanfic, but it was picking up at the end there, have you written any more? (where you referring to yor NZ story?)

  32. Naut... Fix Moko up with Google Reader also. That should stop him winging.

  33. hey BigAl can you fix me with that stuff too? pleazzze!

  34. Lerm ~ HERE COMES THE CPR...I'm GOOOOD at that!.

    AL ~ I like winging. Beats the hell out of walking.

    Mick ~ Nah haven't, but fricken Uamada is stirring something in me. Check his ones out. V Good. That's if he's remembered to link it all.

  35. Moko, just careful he doesn't try and slip you some tongue, he drinks limoncello you know!!

    Mick, I was referring to RL. For some reason i get alot more readers at Wordpress but only the other jspacers seem to leave messages.

  36. I like this post Moko - I knew this was coming based on the one from 2 days ago, so i thought i would have a dig. You swung back admirably sir at all comers
    google reader & the blogger dashbord will talk to each other & will follow blogs anywhere. new JS included.
    google reader is fantastic for following and is really just a website, so no installs, but you sign into google. its a tab/link on the google page
    DO that everybody who makes it down to the arse end of this post

  37. I definitely didn't mean harm nor foul on anyone in particular.

  38. and i didn't call you a whiny bitch (out loud anyway)
    did you know google has a messenging service? Since most people have turned up here, they will all have sign ins.... it may intergrate onto the site.

  39. I don't comment on OZ-specific things, unless I can draw a parallel, but I read everything.

    I have SiteMeter installed and from it you can get a rough idea where your hits are coming from. There are several ways to look at each hit, including details, location, entry and exit etc.

    It's only a general guide, though, you still won't know WHO is reading until you get a handle on the locations.

  40. I have no idea any more who is visiting my blog and most of you scurvy dogs are too slack to leave a message anyway.

    How do you get Sitemeter?


    Its been touched on. half the ease of JS was being able to see WHO had recently left a comment and very easily JUMP into a conversation. HERE, well fuck me, ya don't know if ya don't go, and i now get that many screens open its not fucking funny anymore. I NEED TO START me OWN JS SITE.

    After I win TATTSLOTTO.


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