Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Matter of Justice.

I've got a research project I've gotta tackle at some stage soon that is a 'Justice Topic'. That's about all the info I've got. Some examples that are doable that he's mentioned are the 'Redfern Riots', 'Capital Punishment in Aus', with arguments for and against and shortcomings on everyone's part etc etc.

I'm trying to come up with one and am struggling for a topic. We've gotta do it as a group [of 2-4], under duress, I wanna do my own, so something with a large quantity of info available would be good.

Coupla thoughts I've had is Domestic Violence (but meh), or something to do with lethal versus non lethal weaponry and their use of in the force.

Any suggestions my smart friends?.


  1. Domestic violence---saw this over on Paul Boylan's blog a couple of weeks back...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4Ox4a5sgkY

  2. What about , equipment shortcomings and the fact, the police do not use enough Hummer’s and lack armour, .50 cal weapons and ATGMS for speeders, no frags, claymores for J walkers and so forth......or is that a bit sissy like.

  3. lol You can never have too many FGM-148 Javelins dude.

    J ~ Cheers, I'll have a look.

  4. There might be something in the truth in sentencing thing. Considering the light sentences handed out in the past and what is happening now. Has it's progress or are people still more or less getting away with murder. Justice for all or still a case of the criminal getting another slap on the wrist.
    The group projects thing are a royal pain. I had them too. I just went ahead and did the whole thing. Just to make sure I got a good grade. Funny how the others all just stood back and let me do it. But then again a free ride is a free ride. Something I was prepared to hand out if it meant my final assessment was a good one.

  5. Daze ~ Definitely. Many opted for the group thing because they wouldn't have to do the whole thing. That pissed me off. What annoyed me more was the ones that wanted to go alone kept their mouths shut so not to offend. They slit their OWN throats.

    Yeah sentencing might be worth a look. Thanks.

  6. Man, any and all are doctoral thesis stuff, not TAFE paper - beware the overreach.
    KISS. Keep it simple.
    I agree that individual work is easier to manage, but it may be part of the "Work as a team" stuff.
    As you may or may not know I'm in enforcement - I have an "Interesting" case coming up - a claim of indiginous fishing rights, raises the Q is he indiginous?

  7. I agree with DD truth in sentancing esp as it became a real hot politcal potato over here in WA.

  8. Bob ~ Nah, he's anti political soap boxing. I'm thinking sentencing might all about opinion tho. I'm struggling to see how to research opinion that they really don't have to qualify.

    Chaz ~ Yeah, I like the idea. Might be tricky tho.

  9. How about Euthanasia, I can suggest a few candidates.

  10. Speed fucking radar friggin' traps and revenue firkin'raising.
    Sorry, one of my pet hates just escaped for a second.
    How about the proliferation of firearms in south-western Sydney and the problems with enforcing the relevant laws.
    Or capital punishment for jay fucking walkers in Bondi when you're trying to get home with a boot load of booze and tasty snacks in time for the cricket and these pricks meander diagonally across the road in some drug-fuelled backpacker world of their own.
    Sorry, just taken the pills. I'll sit down now and not bother anyone.

  11. Euthanasia's a beauty.

    Threbs ~ Just run them over dude and claim mistook the meaning of 'Tourist Season'. Firearms is a good one.

  12. What about recidivism? Should be easy to find the necessary stats and there are always highly polarised views about the efficacy of prison, prison 'rehabilitation' as well as the whole issue about at what point, and for which offences, prison terms might actually be counter productive.

  13. "Any suggestions my smart friends?"

    You obviously had a different reader in mind. But, I'll chip in anyway!

    Pick something that you have no emotional attachment to & give it the PC treatment. After glancing at the front page of today's Courier, I presume that the minimalist approach to sentencing for property crimes is going to come under the microscope in today's economic climate.

  14. How about growing knife crime, tougher knife laws (and import restrictions) against judgments given for knife crime.

  15. Lerm ~ Yeah, definitely agree crime will be on the increase and it'll start with the 'easy' stuff.

    Bangar ~ I'll have to check it out. Silly if they do have lesser sentencing for knives.


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