Monday, 25 January 2010

The Aluminium Chef

Well, today was day one of the restaurant experience. Introduced myself to the fryer.

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Rather unpleasant chap. That's a permanent addition to the appendages. Rather striking if I
may so myself. It didn't hurt at all, so it's a beauty.

Really enjoyed the day. Pretty much was the dish pig for the day as the actual chef - nice
young chick - was undergoing some training of her own today. So from Wednesday on it's just
me and her. Fuck loads of hours, and a few extra. I pick up my duds tomorrow so to give the
impression I know what I'm doing. May post a piccie....may not.

Kitchens are hard core though. WAAAAY hot, but it's fun knocking up a great steak and
presenting the green shit no one eats.

Start full time/casual on Wednesday. Bring on pay day.


  1. Owwwwww looks like you best make sure there's a decent first aid kit in the kitchen. Must've hurt putting that in the hot dish water :-(

  2. I've tried burns and aren't up for a repeat performance take care Moko, and enjoy the job.

  3. Thanks mate.

    Lou, they're actually a fraction ... umm ... disorganized that way. Gave the boss a list of shit.

  4. Good stuff mate, chicks dig scars.

  5. Nah, she just rolled her eyes and called me a cock. lol

  6. MUST POST PICTURES! Images of Moko in chefly whites are far too gorgeous to remain in the imagination alone...

  7. Mate, I've got the Cobra Kai black tops. YEAH!. lol

  8. Any encounter with a fryer that you can walk away from is a good encounter with a fryer. At least that's the way I approach such events.

  9. Try some Lucas' Paw Paw ointment for that little bugger. Made from fermented the name would suggest. I used it for the scar I received to the side of my neck when using hair irons...gone like magic after three days. Wish that stuff had have been around when I burnt my right hand in the chip fryer at KFC.

  10. What Nat meant to say was drink fermented paw paw juice. She's like that.

  11. Jeez, dude. Don't do that again, eh?


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