Sunday, 24 January 2010

My Conspiracy Theory on Metal Storm

My spidey sense is working over time with Metal Storm at the mo.

The traditional owner of MS is on the verge of losing his tech to the "highest bidder" due to "Cayman Islands group Assure Fast Holdings" - I mean, you know ... Cayman Islands? - and it turns out they are pretty much just like those mother fucker property hunters who contract LAND, PROMISE FUCK LOADS OF MONEY THEN PULL OUT WHEN YOU'RE NEXT TO BROKE COZ THEY CAN'T FIND THE FINANCES THEY PROMISED YOOOOOOOOOOOU AND GET OUT OF IT THROUGH SOME FUCKING LOOPHOLE......

Ummm ... soz, where was I. Oh yes, Metal Storm.

So my conspiracy theorist spidey sense is working over time with this one. What better way to get cheap tech than contract some development, contract the financing of it through a "Oh no that's not us" company, don't deliver, then make them sell the tech to "the highest bidder" which I bet goes to the ones that were pulling the strings from the start.

I mean, look how practical this tech is.


  1. Moko, what I've always thought was that it was a perfect match for CIWS and Air Marshall work. Since nothing has happened when there has been more than enough time for it, my paranoia bump is real itchy.

  2. check out dead man musings consiracy forum!


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