Sunday, 3 January 2010

A fine day for a lynching...

One thing about human nature that never ceases make me sit and shake my head and that is .... The Mob Mentality.

These same people that get a sniff of apparent immoral ... ness ... hmmm ... are the same people that drink too much and scare and beat their women, take drugs, rape, kill and pillage then claim a moral high ground on the corpse of someone who got cornered for doing immoral things to others.

Paedophiles are the cockroaches of human society, I'm sure we all agree, but in order for someone to be designated a paedophile they need to have committed an act or acts that the law has designated unlawful and then been caught by the police, formally charged, trialled, then punished ... yes? ... well no, according to 'The Mob'.

Just like the judicial system The Mob has an equation to label someone as a paedophile. The difference is, this equation is ever changing.

For example, the Justice Equation looks something like: 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = Crime.

The Mob's: 1 + Fuck it, let's hang him! = Crime. This is why humans introduced a set of rules and people who had to nut this shit out. This is why not everyone has a badge and a gun and this is why the police have powers you don't.

Case in question:

Someone that resembles having paedophile habits was basically run out of town on YouTube. They are claiming a victory but as anyone will know that has watched even one episode of Law And Order paedophiles are professionals. If they smell attention they will drop their tools on the spot and run all the way off the radar just like a plane going down. One minute he's there blinking away, next minute, gone.

Your average person with a brain would consider the negatives of this. The lynch mob don't. They woot and carry on like they've won a victory against the horrors in the dark and there's a knight in shining armour metaphorically lubing up his right hand to jerk away on his ego.

Do you know what this bloke with paedophile tendencies did?. He deleted everything and is only inconvenienced by losing a collection of links to kids channels on YT....and he has learned ANOTHER lesson in staying off the radar.

Well done lynch mob, well done.


  1. Unbelievable! Now I have as much problem with pedophiles as the next person but does anyone actually know that Gunslinger II was doing anything wrong? The channel is now deleted of course so I can't see the situation first hand. Who was he/she? Were they acting inappropriately? If so then surely there are proper channels to go through to have his/her activities investigated. I think the Fat Aussi Bastard might have his heart in the right place but talk about going off half cocked. Many of the comments are frightening, out of all proportion. Most of them were even added after the channel was deleted so they can't possibly know the true situation.

  2. Another thing that passes the mob by is the ‘them and us’ logic. You get a psychopath killing someone, and the mob cries “He’s really sick – he gets excited by torturing and killing people! I want to see him tortured and killed, because that will really excite me. But that’s okay, because he was born with these tendencies, but I was… erm… born with these tendencies. But we’re utterly different. Obviously. Because otherwise that would make me just like him.”


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