Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Collapse of Humanity

The interesting thing about disasters - leaving aside acknowledging the absolute tragedy for a moment - is how fast it takes for humanity to find itself somewhere in the vicinity of survival of the fittest leaving nothing but something resembling a war zone, or worse, everyone for themselves.

Two examples of this were cyclone Katrina in the States, and currently Haiti. It only takes the scum element looters - (not including food looting from deserted shops, unless they're hoarding) - to wreck havoc and for others to defend their property. After a short time every one is warring unless the respect for official authority returns.

This sort of inhumanity isn't exclusive of apparent underdeveloped nations. The U.S. and Katrina is an example of it. Like I've said before, be in a burning building with strangers and you'll witness human nature in its raw state.

Well done mankind. Way to shine.


  1. Yeah but for every case of pricks going ape there's as much of people banding together to help each other out when they don't have any prospect of getting any immediate payoff for it. Like the millions in aid donations that people have simply thrown into the bucket without a second thought.

  2. Only problem is that Haiti has been an effective war zone since they kicked out the French. However it's weird as the dominican republic never seem to have these problems (since both became 'democracies'), and they share the same island....

  3. Yeah Doc, that's because they're not sleeping in amongst the dead bodies wondering about their next feed.

    One for the universe I guess Chaz.

  4. Chaz, the DR had plenty of their own issues, with corruption, civil wars etc. But, in relation to Haiti it's been relatively quiet there for the last 30+ years. The country turned to tourism for a large part of their economy and in ways has done well. In many ways, they could not be more different than the Haitians (and not just in language and preferred sports).

  5. Steve, sorry not being very clear in my post. What i meant was the DR has for a while been much more stable than Haiti.

    Didn't the yanks intervene in the 60's in the DR? To lazy to look it up.


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