Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Seriously, this one blows my mind.

Watch this vid.

I dunno, they are SO FAR off the mark I'm almost embarrassed for them. OBVIOUSLY it's a cultural thing. Obviously they don't know what the West Indies are either.

Insular, 'not worldly', I dunno. Shut the fuck up either way.


  1. Don't fans in the states give each other shit?.

  2. I hope you’re not suggesting that most people from the US are ignorant and/or insular. They might regard that as racist.

  3. To me, it makes a cross section of the population there fundamentally flawed in their outlook on the world.

    What's racist is seeing a "white" man and stamping it as racist.

  4. I would really like to know since when did become acceptable for another country to attempt to pressure us with their opinions? Strange, I thought I was living in Australia. The country. Not the 54th (or whatever it is) state of America.

  5. But worst of all, the West Indies team themselves are compliant in this obvious racially motivated racist racism!!!1!!

    Anyone who remembers their last couple of tours to Australia will know the Windies were sponsored by KFC for years. As recently as 2006.

  6. I know very little of race relations in Australia. I also believe, very strongly, that Australians know very little of race relations in The US. Best to leave it at, IMO.


  7. It's got NOTHING to do with race relations. It's got NOTHING to do with race. It's about a bloke in 'enemy sporting territory'.

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  9. Troll comment deleted. Man up with your real name fucken maggot and I'll we'll talk.

  10. Reason the Seppos can't deal with it not being a race issue is that the rest of the world is used to the idea of playing sport against other countries and coexisting with them in that environment, instead of only playing sports it invented. And judging by the smug patronising crap from Puma above, playing with oneself is still the national sport of choice in USAnia. Mate, any money you like we know a hell of a lot more about your race relations, or lack thereof in places, than you do about ours, regardless of whether you 'believe very strongly' that it isn't the case. We don't, as a habit, spend our entire lives in a bubble pretending the rest of the world doesn't exist.

  11. Maybe americans should start getting passports and see the world?

    And I hear that KFC have pulled the ad.

    So i recoken the next tiem a movie or ad insults us in some vague way we should press for a full apology and for the item to be pulled.

  12. lol @ yobbo. you been to many black american neighborhoods? Didn't think so.

  13. And why do you guys always devolve into personal insults right away? I've seen plenty attacks on the US on Birmo's board without responding with personal insults. Doesn't say much for your argument Yobbo. Maybe instead you could tell me about your knowledge of black life in South Carolina as compared to the NE United States. Which area is more racist Yobbo?

  14. And I actually thought the commentators were idiots. Ironically though, their view of race relations is probably as antiquated as wealthy foreigners who visit the US and stay in the most lily white of hotels.

  15. I called "anonymous" a fucken maggot for a bite back. It could've been ANYONE for all I knew. Usually insulting someone's integrity makes them "man up".

    Here's the follow up vid. And they STILL don't get it. They're saying it's STILL about them.

  16. Oh, and this sitting in the vicinity of the Cronulla riots?. Dude, seriously.

  17. Largely because you're a cunt, Puma. Now go away.

  18. Sorry, it's been brought to my attention that the word 'cunt' is offensive to Americans. Particularly those who are cunts. So I'll withdraw that comment.

    This isn't Birmo's board. It's Moko's. It's not a free-for-all where every halfwit muppet gets to faff on to their heart's content no matter how arsehatted their POV. I'll say this again, slowly, for the benefit of the developmentally challenged. Australians, in general, know more about US race relations than Americans do about ours. It might be fuck all in the grand scheme but, and this is the critical part, it is more than zero. We know who MLK and Malcolm X are. We know enough from films, books and TV to know more than zero. Fuck's sake, most Australians would probably know Malcolm X before they'd know who Eddie Mabo was. But they know more than zero. You know zero. Now go away.

  19. Oh calm down Yobbo. Have another beer. The point is that there's more to it than the books you read in history class about those guys who have been dead for 40 years. You'd have to live here to really get it. But nevermind, I'll leave to your little circle wank fest.

  20. Wow condesention from a yank. With that attitude the US should really just close down their borders leave the UN and NATO. Cus they shouldn't be making any judgements about anyone then eh?

  21. Lol, this is wicked. What I wll say is that America does things on a grand scale, pity most are fuck ups, that becomes the dominant theme when they venture abroad. Logic then dictates it's a lack of knowledge and understanding of the external American environment. Unfortunately, given this foundation it's applied to internal matters, that domestic US issues, see how the fuck it up on a continual basis continues. It's a shallow, we don't do any wrong, we do it better, bigger and we do so love ourselves, that's fine, if you then have the intellect to realize, that the application of an internal solution will not necessarily transpose to an external problem. Tends to happen when full of ones self. Not all are like this, just too many are.... Unfortunately

  22. Ah shit!

    That last anon comment was me



  23. Is that video presentation for real?

    Says more about the prejudices of the ill-informed presenters than anything else. Brilliant piece of culture jamming if it ain't sincere. Utterly sad beyond my comprehension if it's for real.

    Hopefully, ignorance and misguided outrage might one day change the world. One where that inedible KFC crap isn't viral vidded in the guise of moral one-up-person-ship.

    Pity more people outside the Carribean and Australia don't know more about the joyous nature of West Indian and Australian cricket crowds.


  24. "It's a shallow, we don't do any wrong, we do it better, bigger and we do so love ourselves, that's fine, if you then have the intellect to realize, that the application of an internal solution will not necessarily transpose to an external problem. Tends to happen when full of ones self. Not all are like this, just too many are...."

    But Havock, I attack my own country's politics and people all the time and know other who do the same. Don't you read Paul Boylan's blog? With all due respect, I think you guys project alot.

  25. PUMA, its not the issue, certainly not those of sufficient mental agility to look at issues within their own country.

    The problem is, there are insufficient numbers with this capability. Hence, those, that’s the majority by the way, project outwardly what are insular beliefs or perceptions, based on a small if any understanding of external machinations around the planet. Let alone trying to decipher the very intricate associations internally, of an external entity, in this case. A COUNTRY.

    Its a failing of successive US governments, to understand other, external of the GOOD OLD USA countries, that ensures the legacy of FKN things up, so well done by your forbears, that’s the crux of the problem.

    Until you migrate from the muppets, with oil soaked grey matter or a affliction for desk and rug orientated sex, you guys will struggle to grasp anything on the world stage other than the old crank.



  26. If Mick really wanted to make friends he'd have passed around a bottle of Bundy OP. Probably more chance of smuggling that past security too, even if he'd be walking funny for a bit.

  27. Dr Y if he came from Melb he'd be used to that

  28. How the fuck did this get to 28 comments?.



  30. Possibly could be it...

  31. Obviously this would be considered racist in the United States, as it buys into a long-held stereotype. You may as well throw them some watermelon and a couple 40's of Old English 800 (I just threw up in my mouth at the thought...of OE800, not the watermelon).

    Obviously this is not racist in Australia, as no such stereotype exists there (I am willing to take your word).

    But has anyone asked the Windies if this stereotype exists there, and if it's considered racist? THEY seem to be the target of the ad. "Hand them some KFC and they'll settle down so you can get back to watching the game" is the message. Do THEY consider it offensive?

    I really don't know, I'm just throwing the question out there. In terms of Caribbean islanders, I know lots of Haitians, but their only sports are football and paddling to the US. I know a few Puerto Ricans, but they play mostly baseball and basketball. So the real question is if those in the West Indies consider it offensive. Sure, they were sponsored by KFC, but let's face it, sports teams will take money from anyone willing to pay their airfare.

    And, I'm a hockey and football fan, so I know a little bit about national rivalries, in addition to being somewhat well-traveled.

    And Moko, yes, fans in the US give each other plenty of shit. My daughters are aware that there is a list of universities they are forbidden from attending, if they intend to get my financial support.

  32. By the way, I re-watched the video, and I think (no, I KNOW) the only reason the woman thinks the ad is racist is to suck up to the other guy, whom she clearly wants to bang.

    Just my 2 cents.

  33. Steve, thanks for the input mate.

    I think the thing that perplexes me about the whole thing is race actually entering into it.

    The people surrounding the guy could've quite easily have been "The Barmy Army" [English fans], South African fans, Pakistani, Indian, whoever, but at that time it just so happens that the West Indies were touring at the time so the ad has them featured in it. The race issue isn't even part of it.

    I'm guessing the vast majority of Americans haven't been in the stands at a cricket match against say, the West Indies, because if they had they'd know a passionate element of the "Windies" fans celebrate just how they're doing so in the ad.

    If you go to "the continent" music like this is in the background for the whole game. Jamaican soccer I'm sure is the same.

    From our POV, Americans are projecting their OWN PERSONAL 'issues' - for the want of a better word - onto people THOUSANDS of miles away in a context that is COMPLETELY alien to them, and using "well, KFC is an American company so they should know better" is totally missing the point.

    Racism is about intent.

    Definition of racism:

    rac⋅ism  [rey-siz-uhm]
    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    Do these American voicing their issues really believe KFC's intention with the ad fits any of the above based on circumstances surrounding the ad - see above - and where the ad was intended?.

    If these specific Americans are willing to accept that it's a racist ad, consider your "Black Box Wine" from our POV.

    THAT being sold here would be considered racist just the same as the chicken issue. Do we bitch about it?.

    ...and I reckon you're right about her wanting his ... well ... yeah ... lol

  34. Steve, the key point IMO is the Windies team and West Indies cricket are heavily sponsored by KFC and have been for years - national competition is called the KFC Cup etc. The fried chicken and watermelon stereotype just doesn't extend to the Caribbean, as far as the people of the Caribbean see it. It's just the US (or in particular subsections of the US) transposing their own prejudices onto the ad and getting offended on behalf of African-Americans - which to my mind is pretty racist in of itself, to assume that all black people think and feel as per the preconception of what African-Americans might be offended by.

    Another similar issue, Moko might remember the poofight over some Italian car ad where they coopted the Haka (very, very poorly) into the ad, a bunch of shopkeepers and receptionists were doing a bastardized version of it. That's extremely fucking racially insensitive in NZ. The problem is the Haka's been somewhat devalued internationally by the All Blacks turning it into their own pre-match psychout routine, hence becoming part of the 'ABs Brand' tied in with their Adidas marketing arrangements.

  35. You'll have to elaborate on Black Box. I'm trying to use my imagination, and the best I can come up with is perhaps this being a term for the genitalia of an aboriginal woman. That can't be it, could it?

    And is it sold there? Why the hell are Aussies buying BOXED wine from the US? I've had Fosters. I'm assuming you have your own domestic wine equivalent.

    Anyway, calling the ad racist may be reaching. Racially stereotyping, at least here in the US, yes, it would be horribly guilty. I cringed when I saw it. And if I was working for KFC, even in the Aussie market I would like to think I could've come up with a better way to market the product, while using the Windies fans. I would've felt a lot better if they were the Barmy Army or the Saffers. Well, maybe the white Saffers. But, if I was discussing this ad like those two tools were, first I would've contacted every Caribbean Islander I knew (most of whom are black) and asked them what they thought. If the Windies are cool with it, then it must be chalked up to cultural differences and move on.

    And to Dr. Yobbo....the US doesn't exactly play only our own sports by our own choice. When most modern sports were invented, the US was still a very remote country early in its development. Football and Rugby both came here via British sailors, but because Football itself was in its infancy, through evolution it turned into American football (much like football evolved into Australian football). The US was in the first World Cup. We were in the first Olympics. But, because of our huge population and transportation developments, we were able to sustain large professional leagues in all sports, without the need to travel abroad to play. It's not snobbery, it's simply practical. New York and Philadelphia are 90 minutes apart by car. Between them, there are 3 baseball teams, 3 basketball teams, 3 American football teams, 4 ice hockey teams (all but 1 suck...Go Devils!) and in 2010 there will be 2 soccer teams. Washington DC is 3-4 hours south. Boston is 5 hours to the Northeast. Pittsburgh is a 45 minute flight to the west. Having sports teams travel no further than Canada just doesn't make sense, aside from our national teams. We make up for it by kicking the shit out of the rest of Concacaf.

    Very sorry for the long post!

  36. Yobbo, we posted at the same time. Do Caribbeans see it as a non-issue? I haven't seen anything saying one way or another. The guy is a douche, but he raises one very good point. "Hand fried chicken to a bunch of singing black people and they'll shut up." From the POV of an American, it certainly plays that way.

    And again, I'm not saying he's right....I'm simply doing what he did not, and that is ask the question. I am thinking of sending that video to a Haitian I know to ask his POV. I'm certain he knows nothing of cricket, but Haitian football fans are quite similar.

  37. HANG ON HERE!. Um, if the WINDIES dont take offense to the AD, they are in the AD, then HOW the fuck does somebody else have the right to be racially offended on behalf of the WINDIES....

    I think they!, thats the person(s) who have objected need to simply get fucked!.

    Anybody here in OZ offended by the AD!...mmm NUP, not that I am aware of. So its a moot point.

    Fuck, I get offended just Listening to some AMERICAN fucking ACCENTS...but ya dont see me going all biblical over it.

  38. Sorry Steve, much like your thing with African American's and chicken there's a thing about Indigenous Australian's and 'goon'. 'Goon' is a slang term for cask wine. There's a stereotype of Indigenous people and drinking cask wines etc etc. I'm you kinda grasp what I'm on about.

    If you were to sell a cask wine called "Black Box Wine" it would come across as 'box wine, for blacks', 'Black, Box Wine'.

    I'm sure this might come across to you as 'it's wine in a black box'. That is how we see the chicken thing. It's out of context for your society and a non-issue for you guys. But similarly to the chicken thing it would be seen offensive to the Indigenous population here.

  39. Gotcha. It's all about context. I can't speak for the rest of the US, but I personally like to learn about other cultures (especially linguistic differences) as much as possible, which is why I enjoy reading the blogs from a lot of the Aussies that post here on Blogger.

    Yes, some of it confuses one another, but reasonable dialogue back and forth helps us all learn, and occasionally get a good laugh.


  40. Absolutely agreed. Funny how we're so much alike, but in parts, we're MILES apart.

  41. Moko, one other point about the wine. To sell any product in Australia, a US manufacturer, winery, brewery, etc must find a local distributor. Someone to whom shipments must be consigned, warehoused, and who will handle distributing and marketing the product throughout Australia.

    It is that distributor's responsibility to explain to the winery that marketing Black Box Wine in Aus would be construed by MANY to be very offensive, and that an alternative name must be created for that specific market. This is actually done all the time, for this very reason. If that name is racist in Aus, it's not the winery's fault. It's the fault of the folks in Aus for agreeing to market the product without informing their client that some fallout is to be expected. And if they refuse, the distributor should stand up and say, "sorry, we can't market your product."

    Doc, was this Italian car brand marketed in NZ? What was the fallout, if any?


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