Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Herr Atkinson in South Australia got the hard word about negative press and was re-slotted out of the Attorney General's job. The new bloke getting his job comprehends the logic behind R18+ ratings of games. It seems STILL parent groups don't. It seems STILL parents groups have a up close view of their colons.

This Atkinson dude makes you carry your porn out of a shop in a brown paper bag. It's an offence not too.

Parents (and probably fucking retarded agenda driven religious groups - there, I said it - they SHIT me too) groups believe that placing a rating system that includes R18+ will begin an influx of deviant games and content in games for their precious little children to be corrupted by.

The thing they seem to ignore is that the guidelines for censorship HAVEN'T changed. All that the R18+ rating will do is appropriately restrict games that are already out there. Instead of all games being mashed up to fit the current maximum rating of M15+ where EVERYWHERE else in the modern world have the same games rated at least 17+.

The 'cause celebre' for the anti-R18+ is some game in Japan made it out of someone's head where gameplay included rape. You REALLY think this "game" would be approved by our censors?. REALLY???. Not a fucking chance. It's a CRIME here to have "Simpsons porn".

...and really, "Rapelay" is more indicative of Japan, not gaming.

But the biggest point EVERYONE seems to be missing is that PARENTS are responsible for what their children get up to in regards having access to inappropriate content. Would you let your 7 year old watch porn?. IF not, then why are you allowing them access to restricted games?. You wouldn't BELIEVE the amount CHILDREN on Xbox Live. It's retarded.

Take responsibility for yourselves, fucktards, stop blaming everyone else for you inadequacies.



  1. Parents taking responsibility for parenting. Sounds like a Tui commercial to me. Yeah right.

  2. Agree with you 100% and the whole Rapelay is such a beat up. Its been out for a few years, yes its a sick concept but by all accounts it is CGI no actual people involved. But then in the US a guy was done for owning Henai tentcle porn once again just CGI no real people.

    Seriously those that are complaining and want us to stick with the currently mess up classifiction system Sit Frack down and Shut the Frack up.


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