Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Online Personal Politics

The internet's a funny thing. On YouTube I have a guy who I watch regularly. Inevitably you come across others that follow them as well and your convo's cross over then you become familiar with each other.

One bloke from the UK is one of those to me. I eventually went and checked out his channel and the video I saw was kinda funny so I subscribed just to see what else was coming, as you do. I eventually found him a fraction random and he also sends you messages every time he uploads a vid. Which I see as spamming. Personal thing. So in the end I thought, "Fuck it", and unsubed from his channel. He must have kept a copy of my name somewhere coz I STILL got private messages every time he uploaded a vid. That left me with one last option. Blocking him. Definitely wasn't out of spite, it was: "I am not interested in your videos".

FINALLY, some peace.....until today.

"Hi, my name's *********** and I have a another user name that you will know as *******. I've noticed that I am unable to communicate with you which means you have blocked me. What have I done TO YOU???"

Me: Block. Delete. I just don't give a shit, BUT, I can see how others who have issues with telling people to go fuck themselves get pressured in to situations online that in the end ruin the experience for them.

I guess this is how bullying occurs online. Which totally blows my mind in how that can happen, but online politics is a funny thing.


  1. Unblock, give him an honest answer (or link him to this blog post), block. Simple.

  2. You could always just give up on the polite thing, and point out to him you happen to in fact, HAVE A LIFE.

  3. Its not only politics, its people acting needy.
    The need for recognition and affirmation on the interwebz is as rife as can be.


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