Saturday, 27 March 2010

Water Conservation

The funny thing about being in hospital is the time you get to spend up close with strangers and observe their personal interaction with the world. Funnily enough it was their use of water that stood out for me.

I've been in the country on water tanks for about 5 years now and the one thing collecting your own water creates is a value on it. To me, water is more valuable than it might be to most others that are on "town water". The fear created from lack of rain is 100x what it might be for others in town areas. We could be on water restrictions, but still, if you turn on the tap there's water. If I turn on the tap in a drought I am stepping closer to having to BUY it ... literally ... by the truck.

Now, I just can't waste water. It's become part of my genetic make up to get my shit done and turn it off. One chick in hospital - who was able bodied - had no issue with 30 minutes in the shower. It blew my mind.

Maybe we ALL need to collect our own water and leave the catchments for industry...


  1. No just for industry, with the increase in the capture of rainwater in the city and urban areas we have serious issues with lack of stormwater flows though creeks and steams which are seriously impacting on wildlife.

    Getting efficient at collecting stormwater was one of those poorly thought out initiatives that sound good but do not tackle the real issue, too many people, using too much water.

    Our solution in Melbourne - build a big arse desalination plant that will generate enough green house gases to power it to wipe out any greenhouse energy savings achieved so far.

  2. We get enough water off the roof to water us for months in one tank, THEN there's the water that lands on the ground. We don't use that for anything other than feed that naturally grows as a result.

  3. Totally agree Moko, water is a highly valuable commodity that too many of us take completely for granted. I've lived on tanks too at times over the years and I've never lost the habit of being frugal with it's use. I'm on town water now but my bill is the lowest out of anybody I know.

  4. One of the reasons I put tanks in was to have water on hand all 15,500 litres of it.


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