Friday, 12 March 2010

Tom Hanks: The Pacific depicts a war of “racism and terror”

It's interesting how people don't like being called racist. Tom Hanks justifiably referred to World War Two as a war of racism and terror but now he's being labelled a left wing crazy man and "HOW WAS OUR RESPONSE TO PEARL HARBOUR RACIST???". Even the American media have got on board having a go at him.

"After the actor is done defaming the war against Imperial Japan as a war of “racism and terror,” he doubles with his anti-American slander and says the same of today’s War on Terror."

The 'terror' comment is easy. 'Dresden', and the Kamakazi pilots of the Pacific. The bombing of London by the Germans and how we nuked Japan. If that's not terror, I have no fucken idea what is.

What these fucken clowns are failing to grasp about the 'racism' comments is that he was talking about how we, and THEY, dehumanise the enemy and how that feeling follows through intergenerationally. How did we feel about the Japanese during WW2?. How did they feel about us?.

The other thing he said was how is it any different to our current enemies and how do they feel about us?. He's not wrong. The other thing is that Stephen E Ambrose said exactly the same thing about WW2, and he knows more about that war than anyone.


  1. No argument from me on this.

  2. The use of the word ‘terror’ in warfare is, as you’ll have gathered, a rather emotive one. But to any impartial observer of military matters it simply refers to any tactic whose primary purpose is to destroy the morale of the enemy, and is applied to both military and civilian targets. It’s a well-recognised technique, and is used in almost any conflict to some extent.

    And as you say, demonising the enemy to the point where the wholesale killing of civilians becomes acceptable was a feature of most of the arenas of war in WW2. It happened both in Europe, the Eastern Front, and of course the Pacific War. As with the bombing of civilian targets, people just don’t like to hear it described in such terms, that’s all.

  3. WWII wasn't fought by CareBears and won by hugging your enemies soooooo much they didn't hate you anymore???????

    Everything I was taught was lies!


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