Sunday, 28 March 2010

You can shove Earth Hour up your arse

General consensus regarding "Earth Hour" from the organisers is disappointment.

So let's send a list about our disappointment about all the GOVERNMENT'S and INDUSTRY'S efforts regarding 'greening up'.


  1. Yeah I can't suspend my cynicism on Earth Hr either. Yet another invention of smug white middle-class 'activists' trying to make themselves feel good about their piddlingly insignificant 'contribution' to the whole thing. We're still fucked, Earth Hour or not. Don't think the Chinese stopped building coal-fired power stations for that hour.

  2. Still don't see water tanks on every house. Still don't see solar or something other form of greener energy running houses. Still don't see affordable hydrogen or hybrid cars that also don't malfunction and hurtle someone at full speed down the highway. They're still drilling for, and fighting over, oil.

    I saw on tele the other day some fucking retard thought it would be a good idea to "shade" the EARTH from the SUN with massive fucking stupid shade cloth type setup in fucking space FFS.

    I mean, you know.


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