Monday, 29 March 2010

The consequence of fame

Being famous - IMHO - is a bit like being a copper. The vast majority of coppers join the force for their reasons of self. A challenge, an opportunity, job security, family, whatever, but initially the reasons are about them and what they get from it. The SIDE EFFECT of being a copper is the responsibility that comes with it. You don't sign up for that, but there it is. You HAVE to live by example or find yourself out of a job and in the media receiving negative attention.

Seems to me it's much the same for sports people. Playing sport isn't just about running a ball up and down a paddock. Whether they like it or not they are a role model. It's just whether they are a positive one or one that you threaten your kid about turning out like.


  1. Dunno about that first point, in the modern era plenty of people desperately want to get famous and deliberately go out of their way to be so, at any cost to their dignity or respectability. Chk Chk Boom.

  2. You forget Moko, we a dealing with a generation who have very little idea of the terms action and reaction, and repercussion.

  3. Moko. everyone knows cops join up for the power trip, the drugs in the future evidence locker, the cool leathers you get if you do traffic and the license to drive really fast wearing a pillowcase over your head with impunity, though, all of these perks are disappearing as fast as the ice caps.


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