Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter - Take 2.

I apologize for my previous post. Here's a picture of a Zeppelin I drew...

Image Hosted by

Happy chocolate egg weekend everyone!


  1. No apologies needed - but they'd be accepted if they were.

    It's hard to sit by quietly while cherished personal beliefs come under attack, and harder still when it's not clear who is attacking, or how, or even really why. I hope my response was properly measured and didn't project any hostility or contempt, because I cerainly meant none.

    I'm glad to know you, and glad to be able to read your words around here.

  2. PS: it occurs to me that possibly my last comment didn't actually appear. I've got about a 50/50 hit rate in getting comments through on Blogger, lately.

  3. Thanks mate. I deleted it because all of it was only going to end in direction and really, who cares?. Live and let live.


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