Saturday, 10 April 2010

The War, from the left.

If you only took in the rhetoric of 'the left' - (for the want of a better term describing everyone) - regarding the current war spread out over the mid east, you'd be forgiven for believing the war was being fought in marshmallow land where unicorns and rainbows are born. Where the locals wandered happily, holding hands, living in trees, communing with nature on a spiritual level, and where universal love was being delivered to the world by every dump they took on their recycled toilet bowls ... sorry, 'gift to the world receptacles'.

You'd be forgiven for believing our soldiers floss with the entrails of the babies they ran over in their mid afternoon sport of ... well, running over babies. You'd be forgiven for believing their hamburgers are made from the minced foetus of scientific experimentation gone wrong ... or right. You'd be forgiven for believing every single one of them have horns protruding from their heads with heads skewered atop, they laugh maniacally at every dead 'native' they step on, and where the endless daily bombings by militia of varying backgrounds slaughtering dozens daily just don't happen. They don't talk about those, you'll never hear use the term 'murderers' or 'baby killers' or 'war crime' for them.

Apparently the natives of marshmallow land where rainbows and unicorns are born don't appear on that radar of unqualified blinkered judgement.

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