Monday, 22 June 2009

Terminator: ....Umm ..... Whatever It's Called.

Just got back from watching the latest Terminator at the flicks. Liked it; twas good.

Seriously though, why don't directors film as much as they need to film then sit down, watch it, and go "nah....that's shit house".

Two points.

1. The future Terminators have teeth, and a jaw. Why?. Wouldn't Skynet have refined them by then?. I get why Arnies did, why the ones in the future that exist only to kill?.

...and don't get me started on the one at the 'stock yards' with the bandanna on.

2. The 'motorbike' scene with JC - (only clicked with the link in the initials in THIS MOVIE. Fuck I'm slow) - on it. Hang on a mo. This thing is a ROBOT. Where's the throttle?.

Anyway, didn't ruin the movie for me. Great special FX and enjoyable crap going on. Another coming sometime in the future. Will look out for it. You'll get the most outta the special FX at the flicks, but if you've got a good tele wait till the DVD.



  1. Can not understand why the SF community make the robots into human form. For a killing machine a "Human" is inefficient. Too many parts that can break to start with.

    The Moving Pictures Theatres are too expensive so I shall wait for the DVD.

  2. Not going to see Kelvinator Salvation. In fact I'd like to be able to un-watch T3: Rise of the Washing Machines. I would have been happy with the end of T2 being the end of the story - everything since has been a waste of time that pisses on the legacy of the originals - like the second and third Matrix movies (Matricies?) or the recent Star Wars add-ons.

    I know I should just switch off my brain and enjoy the explodey goodness but I just can't anymore. Too time poor to be able to piss away that number of hours.

  3. Youse should find a preview for '2012'.

  4. Like robots with teeth, I am finding the plot holes in Sea Patrol are killing me. I spend most of the show yelling at the tv.

  5. So long as it's cathartic Naut. It'd be better if the holes were in the boat, get the series over quicker.

  6. Naut ~ Tried it, had to just turn and walk away. Think I saw them biffing a bomb off the boat that had a movement trip switch.....they BIFFED it off and the bomb just went "Rightio, I'll TUMBLE OVER AND OVER into the sea...SPLASH....and go off when you're at a safe distance". Just shook my head.

  7. I'll give it a miss then - getting dragged to see Chanel when it comes out - could be a snatch rich environment!

  8. Julius Ceasar ?

  9. Lerm, why do I feel that you are dragging yourself there?

  10. Don't be too hasty Dr Y,
    I too wish I could claw my eyes free of the vision that was Terminator 3, but I am really enjoying 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' on Fox8, and not just because you get to see more of Summer Glau.

  11. Barnes

    The Sarah Connor Chronicles were pretty good but I heard that Fox has canned it after the end of series 2.

    Salvation wasn't to bad for explody goodness.

  12. The Chronicles are gone unfortunately.

  13. I enjoyed Term Salvation and there were a few plot holes which I have mentioned in my blog. I di wonder about the whole teeth being redundant thing - if the terminators aren't infiltration units like Arnie (and the ones with gatling gun arms obviously aren't going to pass as human except from a long way away) why do they need teeth, or clothes?

    Another thing was how come the Resistance has great big air bases with lots of technology that would require power and give a huge signature that would be pretty obvious to Skynet (which in all versions was originally some sort of satellite system).

    Also why does JC broadcast all of his dialogues in clear on the radio - including the one about the big attack? Just a bit of a giveaway to your opponent isn't it?

    I did like the A10s vs Hunter Killers scenes though...


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