Saturday, 20 June 2009

Edward Kranson (prologue part 2)

I was gonna tag this bit on the start of the first chapter, but decided just to knock it over to start fresh on chapter one.

Edward Kranson: Prologue Part 2

I’ve been here sitting for some time trying to figure out the best place to start my story. Should I tell you about my family when I was young, my school holidays, should I cover the trouble I caused, and avoided, my first girlfriend; my last?.

Do you want to know?.

I guess, in part, it depends on why you’re reading this. I’m sure your story is similar to mine. I’m sure your family and friends disappeared just as mine did. I’m sure you have your own heartache and emotional tragedy. I’m positive you don’t need mine on your conscience, as well.

To be straight up and honest, dear reader, I’ll tell you now. I don’t have the answers. I don’t know why this happened. I don’t know how it happened. All I know is that everyone other than me disappeared one day....there is no more to the investigation than that.

It’s funny though, you never really stop wishing for answers. You look and look for some clues, or truth. I’m sure you’ve come a long way and understand fully what I’m saying. Your mind is always looking for ‘that thing’ to fill the blank. The single....big....blank. That shit is the killer.

I’m no sailor, nor pilot. Due to my location it seems a fraction silly to kill myself in an effort to try and be either. I don’t know for a fact that I’m alone on this planet. I just haven’t found, or seen, any evidence to the contrary. At the marina I have a boat. Not my boat, as such, but no one has come to claim it back. I wish they would. I use it for fishing and travelling up and down the coast searching....for anything, but I don’t have the skill, nor courage, to tackle international travel by yacht. I did get to the north end, and that story will come in due course. I’ve been tempted to give it a nudge by hugging the Asian coast line, but common sense got the better of me.

So anyway, dear my story. I only write this to share the information and knowledge I’ve gained from this experience in the hope that it helps you in your efforts and for you to know that you weren’t alone if I don’t get the chance to share my story with you myself. To be brutally honest with myself, this is mostly for the purpose for filling time. I’m bored fucken stupid. I don’t actually believe you exist but somewhere in some far off corner of my soul there is some sorta hope for mankind...or maybe that hope is more directed inwards. I idea of keeping myself alive, for nothing, is worse than the death of everyone to grasp. You’ll have to forgive my lack of storytelling skills though, I’m not trained as a writer and I’m a fraction rough around the edges. I’ve been dealing with this shit for quite a while now so you won’t get TOO much in the way of soppy shit. But I’m sure, given the circumstances, you don’t give a fuck.

To be continued.


  1. For some reason cutting and pasting from MS Word totally fucks with the layout. No idea why.

  2. Probably cos MS word embeds different shit into their doc layouts to what Blogger interprets in its HTML.

    Good good stuff. Getting a sort of Quiet Earth vibe. Not sure why as I've not actually seen the Quiet Earth.

  3. This in becoming quite intriguing.

  4. haha cheers, well I hope so. Thanks for reading it.


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