Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Bit of escapism for ya dude. I know it isn't your favourite bit of this movie because of there being no Wagner, but I think it's the greatest sequence of ANY movie.

As a sequence of its own it's kinda out there, but if you put it into the perspective of the movie and its message then it's a prelude to what's wrong with war and how it warps peoples perception when they're out of the loop in extraordinary circumstances.

Hope you like it. Took me YONKS to upload. lol

Apocalypse Now: Napalm in the morning.


  1. Mate ITS WICKED..lol, Tosses the PA, and good Old Lance accepts his apology..THE NAPALM is changing the wind..LOVE IT.

  2. Thanks dude that was great to see.

    Apocalypse Now was my first R rated movie I saw.

    Just the way Robert Duvall up and walks off at the end, fantastic.

    I so wanted to be Col Kilgore when I grew up.

  3. H ~ Yeah, loved the PA bit too. Fucken funny.

    Barnes! ~ Great to see ya. Southern Comfort (bit like Deliverance with heavy weapons) was mine. lol Fuck I loved that. I was like 10 (if that) and my brother hired it out one day when he was home and I was crook from school.

    Yeah the end closes the sequence nicely.

  4. Apoc Now is ok,but it doesn't beat Full Metal Jacket and Gny.SGT Hartmann

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFNeBRc7W7s

  6. A great great movie! Good book too (H of D).

  7. Yeah, FMJ's a great movie too, AK. HAs a similar sorta feel to it.

    Lerm ~ Yeah, would love to read the book.

  8. Thanks that movie is always worth a visit.

  9. Apocalypse Now was my first R-rate too. Did I see it at the Schonell with you, Barnes?

    And listen, mate -- I'm sure you can still be Colonel Kilgore when you grow up.


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