Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Internet sevice provider.....which one is best?.

Da Missus is FINALLY considering fast Innanet and a possible alternative to Telstra. GASP.

So which one?. iinet apparently do a fast one with free xbox live downloads (which helps me *snicker SNORT*).

We're paying $60 at the mo and don't want it to change that much. Anyone sitting on a gold plan they wanna share the details of?.


  1. is a good little tool. Throw your ph# in top right and it will show you your local exchange and what providers offer ADSL2 at that exchange. I have found it doesn't list every plan/ISP but it is a great starting point.

    I am assuming you want to go ADSL2? Remember with ADSL2 the distance you are from the exchange influences the speed you will receive.

    For $60 you should be able to get a pretty good plan. I have an uncontracted 2G plan with AAPT for about $49 and if I contracted it, it would be about $10 less.

    I have a really great, super fast, gold plan I can sell you though. Only $10 per month, but I will payment for the first 100 months upfront!

  2. if you can get the iinet naked service, your line rental is free and you will save after you pay for the router.
    sell it on the basis she can call her mother in woop woop for free

  3. Check out Whirlpool, I had Optus cable old plan was good can't recommend the new ones. Currently with Internode and I'm happy with them.

  4. We're on Choadafone NZ which is information of absolutely no use to you whatsoever.

  5. Just get the one whcih is best for xbox live..screw everything else!

  6. Broadband Choice / Whirlpool site as

    Enter your phone number for a list of available ISPs etc.

    I only have ADSL and am happy with my plan but I am with TPG (great plans but next to no tech support).

    iinet and aanet are both good.

    The whirlpool forums will give you heaps of info on any ISP you want to read about.


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