Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bing (the search engine)

I recently came across Bing (that's the Aussie one) randomly and by accidental like so I thought I'd give it a nudge, and report back.

Bing was brought out by Microsoft. That sums up all I know about the history.

I tried it all day yesterday and that quickly discovered I like it more than Google. The ONLY reason I've previously used Google was because on the home page my inbox for my gmail account was displayed. That's it. Don't really like it as a search engine; I liked Chrome even less.....well, that's a fraction harsh, just nothing stood out for me.

Three things I use a search engine for mostly is, 1) Spell check, 2) Images (stills and vids), and 3) Research....*cough* googling random shit...web pages and stuff.

Ok, Spell Check: Some times a spell check doesn't work as well as it should or you need to check the meaning of a word...before you use it to try and sound smart *cough*. Type it into Bing and it'll correct the spelling automatically. That be handy if it knows what you're thinking. Type in '*word* meaning' in Google and it'll come up with a link to the dictionary. Bing will display the meaning under the word so you don't need to click to another link. I like that. +1 on Google.

Images: This is the REAL cool function. Search an image and it'll display images...obviously, but it displays the image WITHOUT the info associated. Run the cursor over the image and the info pops up. IT also displays subsections of the search.

Click here for example of 'tree' search.
+1 on Google.

Search videos is even cooler. It's even BETTER than searching videos for Youtube IN Youtube itself. Your search will display videos relevant to your requirement. But run the cursor over the video and you get a preview of the vid itself from ANY website. OR-SUM. Beats searching Youtube and having to spend ages filtering the shit.

Click here to check it out. +5 on Google.

Research: Bing's search 'world' is A LOT smaller than Google. But it hasn't let me down yet. Run the cursor over each page result and it displays info about that page. I liked that. +1 on Google.'s cool. I like it more than Google, obviously. Try it, you might like. I use it in conjunction with Firefox.


  1. Doesn't take a genius search engine to find porn

  2. Very true. Unlike Google, you can display THAT in the pics and vids TOO. Or you can cut it out...

  3. You talking to the converted here. I been using Bing since the most recent incarnation was launched recently. I like it too.

  4. It looks too pretty... far too pretty
    I like google & chrome.
    I tend to have a lot of tabs open at once (12 at the moment), I have found Chrome to be more stable than FF and IE when doing that.

  5. FF is failing more and more frequently...

  6. I use FF for downloading youtube videos. Bing is pretty cool with video search.

  7. Re: Comment #2. You can display all images in google by disabling safesearch

    I havnt really used anything but google since it came out. I find google has a few neat functions like google scholar, google earth/maps, translating foreign websites, and searching gmail that I find invaluable + a few other small things. But I might have to do what you did and spend a day on Bing just to check it out.

    OK Just checked the video function u raved about. Its pretty good!

  8. There's another new search engine - Bong. You put in what you want and it sits around for a few hours staring at the goldfish tank then tells you what you really want is three bags of Twisties and to watch Dazed and Confused. Again.


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