Monday, 29 June 2009

I LOVE the smell of two-stroke in the morning.

Thinking about tackling this guy today.

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She's probably easily 50 feet long and half a meter thick. Probably about two years worth of fire wood in it. It had shallow roots as a result of the drought we had for 7 or 8 years then it pissed down. Over she went.

DO you think you can give the wood away?. Lazy fuckers. We won't use the wood as fire wood so am thinking about making shit out of it....or giving it a go, I should say. I'm not a good artist, but I'm good at copying stuff if I'm looking at it.

Thanks heaps for everyone's contributions to my previous waffle. Much appreciated.


  1. Think I shall beat Havock to the punch line here.....BANZAIIIII!!!!!

  2. Morning wood?

    I'll get me coat.

  3. Detcord thats all you need.

    As for you being able to copy things easily , is the AFP aware of this skill?

  4. And what's wrong with just chopping some shit up because it's fun? Even if you don't do anything with it....chop that summ-bitch up. She wants you to.

  5. Heidi, " And what's wrong with just chopping some shit up because it's fun? Even if you don't do anything with it"

    I think love you, right along side D as well, care to gt married girls...BANZAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIII!.

    Cut the fucker into bits, GO FOR IT!, make a big god dam mess..nufin better

  6. Get it before it gets you!

  7. As for the art... Easy. Just chop away the bits that don't look like what you are looking at.

  8. Looks like a eucalypt. I can't tell what variety, so I can't comment on the quality of the timber -- but if you're planning to make shit out of it, you do know you're gonna have to season it for a couple years first, right? Chop it into manageable lengths. Seal the ends with some kinda waterproof paint. Store the logs in a spot out of the sun, and off the ground so the wind can get around it.

    Most annoying part of timber-getting.

  9. hey hey - i have another wood joke... you got your engine started & went out and knocked the top off your morning wood...
    thats what i get for being late to the party


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