Sunday, 14 June 2009

Moko centering his Chi.

Alrighty, this is where I'm at.

I finished me course and passed. WOOT. I'm waiting on the actual results to see how well. Not that that makes any difference in anything other than ego. But it'll gauge how my all round performance.....okay, still ego.

I NEED a job. I'm really looking at anything but hoping for some night work cleaning or something so I can train hard during the day. I'm naturally an unmotivated person until I actually get my teeth into what ever I wanna do then I tear it to shreds.....but getting started is where I lack discipline.

Getting into the coppers is doable, so I've found, but I want to be a prepared as I can be physically and mentally to be able to give my best shot. The course I did set me with fore-warning on what I need to know. For example, it'll be handy to have a head start on the Powers of Arrest from the Police Powers and Responsibilities act. Wouldn't it...of course it would.

I found out also that the psychometric tests take practice. I need to do LOTS of them.

I've had tips on how to get through exams. Don't know it?, don't answer it. The whole process is one big exam.

When we were leaving the course for the last time on Thursday we basically were 'kinda lined up' to say thanks to the tutor....more ambling out...whatever. I watched him say, "bye", "seeya", "have a goodin", etc etc till I got to him and he stuck his hand out. That was cool.

The stars are lined up in good spots and the way is lit.....or something. I'm not wanting to rush it. I wanna get it right. I attempted to join the Territorial Army (reserves) in NZ when I was young. I wasn't prepared and I failed...I got in, and got selected as an Assault Trooper, but I failed myself. THAT is my only life regret, so far. I don't wanna add this to that list. I'm happy if I don't get in but I prepared the best I could. That's all you can do. And you may not get it the first time. I'm giving myself till 40 to achieve it.

But first, I need a job.

Thanks for listening, universe.



  1. IMHO (who am I kidding, MHO ain't that H) you'll make a bloody good copper for the plain and simple reason you want to do it, you're doing it for the right reasons and you're mature and prepared enough to do it properly and respectfully. Got to put you well up on some of the straight-outta-school/uni recruits who do it for want of any better idea as to what to do with themselves (and as you've said don't necessarily respect the duty and responsibility that comes with the job, eg pissing up and making arses of themselves off duty). Bit like teachers - the mature-entry teaching students are always better than the new grads straight out of school because they know who they are, they've done all the stupid stuff they were ever going to do, they know what they want to do and they know why they want to do it. Best of luck mate - but put it this way, you can add a lot of value to what they do, and if they choose not to take you on, it's THEIR loss.

  2. IF I don't make it here I could try Dunedin and boot you outta cricket and footy matches. Now THERE'S a goal.

    Thanks Doc. Appreciate it.

  3. Congrats on the course, sounds like you are heading in the right direction.

    If you are honest with yourself when it comes to doing the prep, then I can't see you failing.

    How long does the rest of the process take, if you are successful first time you attempt everything?

  4. Thanks Naut. Up to six months, I believe, to get to the college. Think there's an intake in September if I get it rolling......don't wanna balls it up by rushing tho.

  5. ...I think it's like six months at the college. That's a whole lotta hard work too.

  6. Psychometry? That rang a bell for me. I looked it up.

    From Greek ψυχή, psukhē, (spirit, soul) + μέτρον, metron, (measure).
    psychometry (plural psychometries)
    The paranormal ability to discover information about an object's past, and especially about its past owners, merely by handling it.

    I guess I'd never make it as a copper. My psychic powers are limited to creating chaos without apparent intervention. I can see why they'd want psychometry in the police, though. Identifying murder weapons and stuff would be so much easier...

  7. Mate, you are doing all you can and it sounds like its all the right stuff. RHG, Red Hot Go, cannot ask for more than that. Find that fucking job fairy and hold onto the bastard/bitch will ya, I want a piece of its arse as

  8. You'll do it, Moko. I believe in you!

  9. lol You'd assume they mean the sorta Psychometry that deals with intelligence, personality, and aptitude.

    ...that's just a guess though...

  10. H ~ LOL I pin the fucker and post it too ya. Thanks mate.

    Jen ~ Thankyou.

  11. You'll kill it. A disciplined approach will see you across the line. And don't worry about the PPRA etc - just focus on the things that could possibly exclude you i.e. do your fitness, do those stupid tests & do some interview practise.

    Luck, M.

  12. Thanks mate, you're right. Good to see ya too.

  13. You'll defintely be one of the good coppers.

  14. Well done Pete, I think you've got the right stuff to become a copper just don't know if you'd fit in the QLD though!!!

  15. Well done killing the course, and good luck on the interim job hunt.
    you don't need luck to get in the coppers, just keep training (put down the controller pete!!!)so you can be better than all the youngsters that apply.

  16. Good on you Moko, remember, youth and skill are beaten every time by old age and treachery lol. Cos, you know, you're really old eh...compared to me, anyway... ;)

  17. Drej ~ rofl Shut your hole. ;o)

    U ~ The controller keeps the mind SHARP. lol. Thanks mate.

    Chaz ~ lol, cheers, mate.

    Bangar ~ Thanks mate. Now back to that tele.


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