Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Morning Ritual

I have a ritual, I'm sure we all do. It's funny, it hasn't change in YONKS. I get up...and such...then grab a coffee, feed the dogs AFTER said coffee or they're a pain in the arse EVERY morning, like they are anyway, but, meh. Jump online, crack open the Tweet deck, open my blog and see who's written what. While they're loading I'll open a BING page and get that one cracking on Youtube for me messages and new vids etc. Read fellow bloggers blogs and leave occasional insight with a rather pleasant tang of wit. Tap out a few Tweets in between. Either barge into a tweet convo or get started on the new subscription vids on Youtube.

Find out BF1943 hasn't released a release date STILL. Ya know, it's due THIS MONTH and they can't pick a number.

Then head over - (this is a NEW one. I don't recommend it. SERIOUSLY addictive) - Facebook - (which I FUCKEN HATE) - and pry the lid off Farm Town and employ some pickers of do some picking and buy BUNNIES. MWAHAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHA...

Finally, I look up and it's 1000....



  1. Fail to wake up at seven cos it's darker than a dark thing. Get kicked out of bed at seven thirty by Dr Mrs Dr Yobbo, already up for at least 30 mins and tired of waiting for either me or the Monster to get up. Stumble into shower. Fall asleep again. Stumble out. Make strong coffee. Make breakfast. Make DMDY late for work by effing about on Gmail, Arsebook and Twunter while making a mess of the above. Drop Monster at childcare/preschool/the 'Early Learning Centre' (hmmm.) Get to work. Figure out what the hell I'm doing today while I count the minutes until Coffee Rd 2 with lab peeps at 10am. Wonder why the hell I can't just go to bed earlier. Remember it's because of the three to four coffees I knock back daily, and because between nine and midnight is the only time of day that it's quiet enough to get any Yobbo quality time in the house (ie watching sport, talking bollocks on interweb and depleting stocks of chilled beverages.)

    Rinse and repeat.

  2. Depends on the day. Mon Tue Thur Fri, up just before 5 AM, shower, shave, toast & coffee and pedal off to work.

    Wed Sat Sun I could be up any time at all between 5 and 9, toast & coffee and get online to read blogs, update mine, have a look at and fire up gmail and Yahoo.

  3. alarm at 5. snooze button til 5:30, bump into walls, piss, grind coffee get woken up by noise, make coffee, weetbix, Net news, net arseing about, shave, iron, shit myself cause i'm late, shower, dress, go out front door, go back inside and make my lunch, go out front door, drive to work, get to work, panic because i can't find my security fob, convince myself i have left it at home, find security fob, enter work, lose a little bit more of my soul.

  4. Nice one.

  5. I can't Paste stuff into your comments.

    So Die Bastard, Die.

  6. Oh REALLY?.....that sucks....I'll try and fix it.

  7. All fixed. You don't have to Die now.

    Big Bad Al's day.

    Go to bed between Midnight and 6am. Get up between 6am and midday.

    Make Coffee, take meds. Wait for coffee and Meds to kick in.

    Plan A: Go to Hospital for Poking/prodding/Blood Letting sessions (down to once or twice a week).

    Plan B (Part 1): If I have the energy (while the meds are working) clean something (Select one only: Vacume, Bathroom, washing).

    (Part 2) After cleaning, jump online - Read Emails/newsletters/news. Go to blog and hassle fellow bloggers. Go to Facebook - see if my sons are still alive and dispense some sage parental advise.

    Plan C: If energy is lacking or I don't feel like cleaning - See Part 2 above.

    Afternoon: Look at stuff that I need to do. Like paint and put my bookshelves back up, sort books and put back on shelves. Wonder if I can afford to get Havock up here to do it for me. Check bank account - Nope!

    Anyway I have been walking around the piles of books for 6 months now so a bit longer won't hurt.

  8. Yeah, having a Havock in the back pocket would be handy.

  9. Wake at 3am,, usually by MOTH being amorous... *sigh*.. sleep again, wake again at 6. Pretend to still be asleep till 6.15.. Cat decides I been playing possum long enuff. Out of bed, shiver for 10 mins till heating kicks in, coffee, toast, mash on button, read emails, blogs, shower, 3 loads of washing, vacumn, feed cat (thats usually earlier I just forgot to add it in back there) go to work with MOTH, (long drive I sleep inbetween his comments) put in 10 hour day, with liquid lunch, home, make dinner, clean kitchen, wash up, feed cat, finish washing, kick puter in the guts again, see if anyone loves me... nope.. bed by 10.30.. No effin wonder i look as old as i do,....

  10. I have no idea what I get up to. I run on auto pilot, which works most of the time, unless the body decides it is time to go for a walk at 2:00am. Then it gets interesting.

  11. Alarm Buzzes at 7.
    Wonder at 8 why alarm goes off at 7.
    Shut alarm off.
    Wake up to stomach ache.
    Have late lunch.
    Check emails.
    Check facebook.
    Check myspace.
    Have Coffee.
    Have Cancer Stick.
    Finally Feel awake.
    Have Dinner.
    Watch Movie.
    Repeat Internet Behaviour.
    Repeat tomorrow.

  12. PS: i really cant wait till i get a job :( lol

  13. Wake just before seven for the news to come on or anytime from five onwards and the cat wants feeding, in which case he will come & slap me in my face until I get out of bed. Then it's washed, dressed, Mrs Stu's lunch made, my lunch put together, daughters lunch made, wife leaves for work leaving me to shout and make threats at the kids to get ready for school and daycare. Then finally the house is empty once more.

  14. Ha ha yet another FB addict!! Glad to know i;m not the only one who just goes on for a 'quick' tens mins to play some games...


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