Monday, 9 March 2009

Woman basher the face of anti-domestic violence

Check this out:

FORMER footballer Wayne Carey could be the face of a new campaign to combat domestic violence.

The North Melbourne champion had talks with domestic violence campaigner and one-time Federal MP Phil Cleary about supporting the cause to end violence against women.

Mr Cleary told 3AW today the pair had chatted during a luncheon last Friday.

Mr Cleary said Carey told him: "I would do anything with you in the future on this question."

The potential role comes 18 months after Carey was arrested and charged with assaulting Miami police who were responding to reports he allegedly glassed girlfriend Kate Neilson.

"He talked about the glassing, he said it wasn't like it has been portrayed," Mr Cleary said.

"He said 'I know I am a big man, I know I can be intimidating' but he said 'I am not violent towards women'."

Mr Cleary admitted women would want to be sure Carey was serious but said Carey's message could bring big benefits.

"It's really important. If people like Wayne Carey can stand up and talk about these things, gee we will go a long way," he said.

"I think that if Wayne Carey says yes I've done certain things wrong and there are certain things that look bad and this is what violence really means and in the football culture there are problems and I don't like it then we can step forward.

"And wouldn't it be good to see Wayne Carey - a big, strong warlord type figure - telling other men that he's learned."

Mr Cleary has campaigned against domestic violence after his 25-year-old sister Vicki was murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 1987.

Good grief. Perhaps they should use his missus.


  1. "I am not violent towards women"

    Doesn't sound much like he's owning his issue at all.

  2. As Lou said, that quote doesn't seem all that good particularly as he was also done for grabbing a women on the boob as she walked by.

    But all said and done, if he gets involved he may learn a few things as well as raise the profile of the cause.

  3. It will be seen as Carey attempting a spin campaign to better position himself for a new media contract. He's a big thuggish twat who should be avoided.

  4. That is unbelievable. Whilst one can respect Carey for knocking the back out of women in bathrooms around the nation - it is a little much to expect us to heed his clarion call to minimise domestic violence. A tool!

  5. Sounds like someone's career is heading into the toilet and is desparate for publicity, no matter how unreal it seems to the rest of us.
    I believe there will be a few survivors of violence still having trouble picking their jaw up off the floor over this one.

  6. Unless he comes out and says words to the effect of "I have been a bully and enjoyed beating up people smaller than me. I was a fucking idiot for doing this, and now a large amount of people think i am a dickhead. So unless you want people to think you are a dickhead and a fucking idiot bully. Stop beating up women" he won't be taken to seriously

  7. Don't believe a word of it. He needs to won up. Asshole, pure and simple.

  8. Until he admits he has been violent, he's not being honest with himself or us.


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