Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Octuplets.

Jesus H Fucking Christ in a bean bag, SHUT UP ABOUT THEM. WHO CAAAAAAAAAAARES?.

I used to like Dr Phil when he was on Oprah. Now he's like the moving pictures version of a fucking gossip mag, with ridiculously white teeth.

"The country needs to be able to forgive and heal from this....".

Seriously, he said that. He's been yapping on about it for like A WEEK.

Day TV sucks piss.

...and what does the 'H' in Jesus H Fucking Christ stand for?. Anyone?.


  1. What shocks me is the level of hate being directed towards this silly woman. I agree it's time to move on - 8 babies wateva!

  2. I only read the Oz for News so I've missed it all thank Christ in his heaven above!

  3. AMEN, Moko!!!!! ALL I EVER hear on the news right now is OCTOMOM and CHRIS BROWN BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF RHIANNA.


  4. The H is latin or greek or something to do with how it's written in those languages.someone asked me this oneday years ago at work - i would google it, but it was your question so you do it... screw it

  5. I agree with you all. everyone is sick of her, I do however feel a tad worried for the welfare of those children.
    And Moko, i to watched dr Phil today, and had much the same reaction,
    'Your a wank Dr Phil'

  6. What's that? Some woman has given birth to an octopus? Sorry, I kind of tuned out as soon as you mentioned Oprah.

  7. This is why my favourite button on the tv remote is the off button.
    When everyone else insists on watching the idiot box I have a pair of kick ass headphones and my music.

  8. I am appalled that someone has already answered the ‘Jesus H Christ’ question, leaving me unable to try to show how clever I am. I can only say that explanation 2 seems likely: most people, even atheists such as I, will have seen the ‘IHC’ (sometimes ‘IHS’) on altar cloths and similar items in churches.

    To be more exact, ‘IHC’ are the Roman characters that were most commonly used when transliterating the Greek ΙΗΣ (Iota Eta Sigma for those of you whose OS doesn’t render Unicode characters), which is the first syllable of ‘Jesus Christ’ as it would appear in Greek (ΙΗΣΟΥΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ – Iesous Christos – in full).

    You have to remember there was no ‘J’ as we use it in modern English until relatively late; the first letter of ‘Jesus’ would have been the Greek iota, which both sounds like and physically resembles the Roman letter I. The second letter, eta, resembles the Roman letter H. The sigma is either represented as a C (which it most closely resembled in appearance) or as an S (which it most closely resembled in sound): hence the variant forms ‘IHC’ and ‘IHS’.

    Thus you have a representation of ‘Jesus Christ’ with what appears to be an arbitrary letter H in the middle. It’s easy to imagine that people without a knowledge of the background (which is, let’s face it, most people) would wonder what the H was for, and, jokingly at least, render it as ‘Jesus H Christ’.

    Another alternative, equally acceptable, is that it’s simply a random addition to give emphasis to “Jesus Christ!” when used as an expletive. It has no meaning, any more than “Jesus fucking Christ” does – it’s just to add more stress to it, without being openly a swearword.

  9. Simon, you get points for just knowing it. I believe you know that much about it. But U won. And thankyou Uamada. Genius.

    Naut ~ I heard of a chick that gave birth to lobsters. You don't wanna know the story because it's disgusting. I'm sure it's googlable. NEW WORD!!!!. Add it.

  10. This is news in Australia too? I fear for our planet.

  11. Well, its been touched on. I wouldn't call it news as such. But it's ALL OVER the yank shows that get run here.

  12. Here I was thinking his middle name was Henry, Jesus Hank Christ. "Jesus fucking Christ" now that I've got to see. Anyone want me to save them a spot in Hell?

  13. Hoodwink.

    Dogs, cats and silly quantity.

  14. Oops. Meant to say: Hoodwink, in both subjects above.

  15. I have to bundle the gossip mags when I deliver to a store, but thankfully, I have never had the urge to ever look inside ANY of them to read ANYTHING about ANY doofus on the covers. AFAIC, anyone who shows up on the cover of a gossip/entertainment mag is a doofus...


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