Monday, 30 March 2009

Mining Kids in Africa

I know Jenn thinks she's the ACTUAL Madonna so I won't talk ill of Madonna, the muso/business woman Alpha.

I actually don't care about celebs adopting kids, it's really only the media that do. It only becomes interesting after years of the media plastering our consciousness with crap and demand we find it worthy of time. It's a self perpetuating cycle of shite. I believe the military do similar sorts of things via the PsyOps department.

The only comment I really have on that side of it is that if the kid she wants isn't allowed to be adopted - which it WILL - it will 'wake' up one day after a hard days work of rendering a house wall with cow shit, mud, and water, whilst sucking back a bowl of fly ridden soggy rice and have thoughts about killing everyone who stopped it happening.


  1. Too true, it'd be like winning the lotto - I wish that she'd adopt me. Although it could get a little Oedipal - we could always move to Tassie I suppose

  2. I just wonder why they bugger around getting only one kid at a time - why not go all out and grab a team in one fell swoop. I see Ange is after another now too - India I believe this time is set to benefit from her munificence.

  3. yeah, but the really sad part is, we know these celebs are already fucked in the head, I guess another Mal adjusted Hollywood brat or ten does not really matter, better Mal adjusted, than aspiring to be a mobile expanding bomb or scum bag in a bustard arse third world country.


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