Sunday, 8 March 2009

The goat show yesterday.

The little lady entered four of her mini goats (no not the Zombie goat Al) in a show south of Brisbane yesterday. Long hot fucking day, I might ad, but fun. I was in charge of looking after the our guys while the missus was running round like a blow fly. I showed a couple to make up the numbers.

Her guys did well:

FTW!!!! 12 - 24 months does, Jitterbug, the temperamental little bitch. She's been shitty for the last 3 days, but she won.

FTW!!!! 12 - 24 months bucks, Grover. He was the red goat that look like Elvis in the 'Our Animals' vid some of you might remember. V proud of him. He's a cruiser.

Under 12 months 3rd, Bags. Bags is 'my little mate' from one of the other vids. V proud of her.

FTW!!!! Siblings, Grover and Jitterbug. Jitterbug had to be carried to the ring. lol She was over it. She got the shits and just lay down. rofl.

FTW!!!! Champion miniature bred buck under 3, Grover. V proud.

They're all under 3 (which is like the senior goats) so she did well. Lotsa ribbons and a trophy which made the missus stoked. I got burnt to shit. Fortunately I brown up fairly quick. Good fun day but a bit too hot.


  1. Congrats to the little lady, and the goats, I guess :-)

  2. Any post with 'goat show' in the title gets my attention.

    Congrats to the missus. She must be stoked. Any bucks in them there critters? Don't some Sheiks go crazy over them?

  3. Well, where are the pics of the winners with their prizes??

  4. I'm dissapointed. No Zombie Goat Catagory.

    "Best Eating of a Human by a Goat under 3 years Old"

    "Most evil Eyes 12-24 Months"

    Congratulations to the Moko Family Goats.

  5. Oh by the way...

    Do the losers end up in a Vindaloo?

  6. Greenbank Show was full of Rednecks according to my youngest son.

    Guess you fit in that category until you fade at least.

    Just kidding :)

  7. Gaz, well yeah, that part of me got fried the most. Yehaaw.

    Daze ~ Coming mate. I'll direct ya to the website when they've done it.

    Al ~ I'll put it too the missus. You'll end up in a vindaloo if you keep that up.

  8. Do you have a farm or just keep a few goats? I have no idea what makes one goat better than another.

  9. Have a look at this:

  10. You need a daughter as you are building up a pretty good dowry.


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