Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Truth, According To Moko.

Going by the recent happenings in the Capitalist world perhaps we can't really be trusted with our hands in the cookie jar.

The 'rulers' gave us 'working class' an open licence to make as much money as possible and bowed to our needs to make even more when we bitched and moaned about unfair it was that 'they' had access to markets that made them ridiculously wealthy. That same working class ended up ruling, and making laws for themselves, which created a brick wall at the end of the tracks.

The 'Empire Class' lost the reins to the galloping conundrum around 1900. They just didn't know it yet.

Join, or create, a reason for a group of people to get together without any strict guidelines or anyone standing over them with a large stick and watch what happens. Lord Of The Flies is where we're at as a species.

'Money' is the worst thing that has happened to us. It was created by people who couldn't be arsed getting up early to milk a cow.

We belong in a tribe, without money, only cows, and Xbox's.

Right now, on the Moko Scale, we are at 'concerned'. But the general population really has no idea where we REALLY are, and no one at the top is sharing. If we see economies making shifts using their military then I'll shift from 'concerned' to 'build a bivvy in the bush, and take ammo'.

If I had to pick an era to shift back to cause we can't be trusted with money, I'll pick the tribe from 10,000 BC. They were really clean, and still had good teeth. A Sabretooth cub would be awesome.

This has been The Truth, According to Moko.


  1. Yeah, but wasn't there an ice age 10,000 years ago? I hate the cold. But otherwise, I concur.

  2. Hmmm, yeah, cold sucks. Just think of coats made from Mammoth skins though Mary. THAT would be just as awesome as a Sabretooth cub.

  3. I wouldn't move to any era that didn't have running water and flushing toilets. That's why they called the Medievil period the dark ages, 'cause went from the Roman's aquaducts and sewers back to poo floating down the street.

    No one truely understands the world economy, the market has a life of it's own. I wouldn't worry too much, it will all work out sometime somehow.

  4. It'll all come out in the wash. i can remember back in 70's how everyone said that that the end of thr world was nigh and that we'd not be able to grow enough food and the oil would run out in a couple of years..oh and the russki's would invade...

    Never happened.

    Shit happens on a regular basis but at the moment too many people have too much to lose to really engage in fistycuffs.

  5. I'll make you a dunny for a coupla moo's, Naut.

  6. Chaz ~ Panic is responsible for all sorts of fuck-ups. Just look at Iraq. The consequences for THAT will echo through the 3 years till the world ends.

  7. It's not my poo I am worried about Moko, it's everyone elses!

    Do you like how I have reduced your long and thoughtful post to the question of what is going to happen to the poo?

  8. It's valid tho Naut. I'm as concern about shit as everyone should be. My suggestion is go bush and don't use the prickly leaves.

    All conversations ALWAYS end up talking about poo, farts, or Nazi's. It's inevitable, just happened REALLY quick here.

  9. The problem with going back 10,000 years is whisky. The lack of a decent single malt. Or gin to make martinis. And Cuban cigars. I reckon they would have had some sort of beer back then but I'm guessing there wouldn't be cricket. Don't forget the cricket.

  10. This is why I enjoy reading, the insights, the intelligence, the debates, the poo......

  11. Moko everyone else can go, I'll mind the store.

  12. Wait.
    Why are we just "concerned". Shouldn't we be another stage up from that, or am I just paranoid?

    I'm going to agree with Therbs, here. Sans cigars. They're alright, but I could live without them.

  13. Dunno if we've ready for 'fill the bath tub' yet. It's coming tho, I'm sure.

    Great to see ya.

  14. as long as you let me know when the end of the world comes - i'll be too busy working to see it

  15. I forget to log into this shit. Seriously.
    Unless it's 4am and I can't sleep. Then it's "hmmm, what could I do. Oh! Blogger!"

    I think you should fill the bath tub.

  16. September 2012, U, but I'll keep ya in the loop.

    Morph ~ Oh WAIT, we've got a water tank!. I'll change that to 'Stock up on two minute noodles'.

  17. Lord of the Flies .. most excellent book! I pull it out from time to time to read it.

    10,000 B.C. was a godawful movie! Ugh, it was horrendous! You should watch it.

    I would rather live in prairie times. Of course, I'm speaking of the prairies times that I have romanticized in my head -- not the real thing.

    Eek, Indian scalpings galore (real thing)

    Scrubbing clothes in a bucket and hanging them on the line while Pa tends to the barn (romanticized)

  18. 10,000 B.C. reality? They lived to oh, maybe 20? 21? If they didn't get eaten at their mothers.

    Therbs---it was fermented monkey shit...aged.

    I really wanted to comment seriously on this, but headed out with the missed, so don't have time. Girl sanctioned office thing. They didn't have to put up with that sh*t in 10,000 B.C. methinks. If my pathetic comments are not relevent to what you posted, then blame my missed.

  19. Oh yeah, and no toilet paper.

  20. lol Comedy is good.

    I know how to make paper. Toilets rolls will cost you a lamb per month.

  21. I think Therbs hit the nail on the head - no cricket!

    But, a sabre tooth cub would be pretty cool. And a baby mammoth.

  22. I believe the crocs back then were a fraction on the dramatic side tho.

  23. yes but the cattle were bloody huge which means even bigger asados!! I assume i can take a good hunting rifle back with me?

  24. Lerm the mammoth would be your new girlfriend!!!


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