Thursday, 12 March 2009

I'm thinking The Simpsons are in purgatory.

Anyone seen The Others?. BOOOOORING as fuck, but a good ending. Glad the good bit wasn't at the start. Stop reading NOW if you haven't seen it and wanna see it. Okay, NOW, otherwise you wouldn't have read the seen it bit.

The Others is about a family that lives in a house haunted by people who do shit that is wierd. Turns out the people observing the wierd shit are actually the ghosts and the people doing it are real and live there. Kinda like a ghost story from the ghosts POV. Tricksies.

Anyway, The Simpsons are starting to perplex me. 20 years as a family and they haven't aged a day. Perhaps the WHOLE town was taken out somehow and they are all dead, but they just don't know it yet. Would that be purgatory.....a cool version....but purgatory nonetheless.

Just saying.

Bart would be pushing 30 years old. But he hasn't aged a moment.

Yep, the big issues have been churning me up today.


  1. I don't watch much tv bar cricket - but if I do see the Simpsons at someone elses place it still cracks me up

  2. The ending of The Others was a real twist - just as well as I agree that the rest was hard work to stay awake through.

  3. Sounds like a bit of mind bender. Must watch it.
    The Simpsons never age, that is true. But what's with Bugs Bunny and Co.? How long have they been around?

  4. Moko,
    The simpsons is a long running documentary concerning the ills of living in a town with both a large nuclear reactor, who's owner has been convicted several times of illegal dumping and environmental vandalism and a tire fire that has been burning since the 70's. This has genetically damaged the whole town and surrounds.So they never age and barely reproduce. Researchers in the states have been looking at this combination as a possible fountain of youth, lamentably though it has also been proven to lower the intelligence in 97% of all the affected to the level of high functioning morons (journal of cartoon genetics, 2004, vol 8,pages 12 to 56. drs wank & bull)
    Hopefully my explanation is adequate proof as to why they never age, the never kids graduate to the next school grade and why only 8 babies have ever been born in 20 years. And why their skin is yellow and they have only 3 fingers and a thumb.

  5. Genius. Makes TOTAL sense.

  6. Okay, where's the donuts? I was promised donuts!

  7. Bart and I are the same age. Watching the show just reminds me of how old I am now, lol. :D

  8. There are a few episodes where they have aged, actually. Which makes it even more fucked up since they go back and forth. Figure that shit out.

    I like the movie The Others.
    It's great for napping.

  9. Its still good, which makes me think they should probably end it now, can't have Homer jumping the shark on us.


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