Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Operation Pakistan

I read this article about the stirrings in Pakistan which makes for some scary facts. It's long, but worth a gander if you're interested in the subject.

In some respects the situation potentially puts Pakistan up the ladder of drama's somewhere near Iran. A few well placed bombs and she'd zoom past Iran IMHO. Is it a blessing in disguise, though?. Quite obviously it's in everyone's - Global Community - best interests not to have Beardy, head hacking, woman bashing, stoning, sharia toting nutters with an arsenal of nukes and unlimited weaponry ready to be sold to any Koran waving group of crazies anywhere in the world to cause death and mayhem in the name of intolerance and stupidity.

We might even see the United Nations cracking some heads....

....nah, we won't, the U.N. is redundant, but you get my point.

The global community really has got their hands in their pockets on Afghanistan....*cough* and Iraq *cough* - we should've too really, but I disgress - but maybe Pakistan will force several tens of thousands of soldiers on the ground in the region, sometime.

Quite obviously the extremist Islam freaks topic is probably a coupla hundred years away from being solved through superior fire power. Maybe, just maybe, the moderate Muslims with something to lose might get involved and start drawing lines in the sand - no pun intended - if their crazy brethren wing start looking at aquiring nukes.

Read the article before commenting too. It'll help with your edukashun.


  1. It is a difficult conundrum with Pakistan. Mainly because the military options aren't really options in the forseeable future. The size of the country, its population and the terrain would make anything other than a snatch and grab or occupation of their nuclear sites so difficult.

    Who knows how it will pan out. Hopefully one of their own will be able to inflict his or her will on the place. Military coup (again) any time soon?

  2. I'd say another of the Corps commanders will be back in power before too long.

    Also, I wonder how 900 million Indians would deal with a fundamentalist Pakistan?

  3. India is always going to be an issue. If the nutters look like gaining control of the nukes then India would feel very threatened. It has a large standing army as well as its own nukes.

  4. (raises hand from the back of the room)
    while i agree that as a military organization the UN is poor - the reality is as an aid organization (direct aid & education)it is very good (red cross and red crescent societies are better though). As a way to get several disparate countries talking to each other it is unsurpassed by anything we have at the moment. A hell of a lot of wars have been stopped at the UN because compromises were reached.
    But the UN has no power here, because this is not a dispute between sovereign nations.
    But as to the nuclear issue. there is apparently more missing Soviet nukes floating about than what Pakistan or India have combined. It's more likely we will see a dirty bomb let off in mainland Europe.

  5. Yeah, can't disagree with that U. The problem I have with the UN is a repeat of Rwanda. I'm sure they do a GREAT job with aid. If you're gonna be ineffective with weapons don't take 'em.

  6. Due to a technicality, Gen. Dallaire was unable to seize weapons shipped to the Rwandan Army, supplied by Belgium, Israel, France, Britain, the Netherlands, and Egypt. Those fuckers deserve a lot of blame, more than the UN.


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