Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Gang Assignment.

Got the gang topic. Hoorah.

Compromised with Youth gangs in and around schools. Cool with that.

Got the Queensland Law Handbook from a legal aid firm in The Valley. 40 bucks down from 80; must be a new edition coming out....pffft.

Took a WEEK to get here tho. A.WEEK. I can drive there in 30 minutes. Go figure.

I take Cheds and chewy to the course to eat. I love Cheds, right now. I take the chewy cause the Cheds have parmesan cheese on them. Poo stinky stale breath. It's fortunate I like chewy too. My spirit likes coke too, unfortunately my spirit and my body don't see eye to eye. I side with my spirit usually. Only because coke's yum. Makes me pee tho.


  1. Mmm...pop. I like Pepsi better but Coke will do.

    You have gang problems in Australia? My world has gone crazy.

  2. Cheds! Almost treason!!!

    I've also had 3L of coke today - addictive

  3. Mmmmm coca cola, I am addicted. Cool about your topic - interesting stuff. I look forward to hearing about what you come up with.

  4. How is the group thing going?
    Anyone getting on your nerves yet, or have you just ignored them and got going without them.

  5. Lerm you had 3L of coke today??? What's going on there?

    The only time I have ever drunk that much coke, I also drank about the same amount of spirits.

  6. Those Cheds sound a bit of all right. We can't get those here, though Hy-Vee started carrying Bhuja snack mix made in Australia.

    Have fun with the youth gang topic. Very interesting subject, I'd think.

  7. The cheds sound bombass. I want some!! I become a total whorebag for coke. I tend to avoid it, because if I don't, I won't stop drinking it. Mmmmm coke.. me want coke..


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