Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The pot beating the piss outta the kettle.

Check this out.

FOUR of the state's most notorious killers, including triple family killer Matthew Wayne De Gruchy, appeared in court this morning over the vicious jail bashing of infamous gang rapist brothers.

Matthew Wayne de Gruchy, who is serving a 28-year jail term for the murder of his mother and two siblings at Albion Park Rail, near Wollongong, in 1996, is among the four murderers, two rapists and an armed robber allegedly involved in the vicious bashing of the brothers who can only be known as MSK and MAK.

The bashing, in a yard of Goulburn jail in February 2007, almost killed MAK who suffered severe head injuries and needed to be airlifted to hospital for brain surgery. His brother was treated for a broken arm.

After an extensive two-year investigation the inmates have been charged and made their first appearances for inflicting grievous bodily harm in Goulburn Local Court this morning.

The inmates charged, who appeared this morning via videolink, include De Gruchy who was only 18 when he killed his mother Jennifer, 42, brother Adrian, 15, and sister Sarah, 13.

Also charged was triple child murderer Craig Andrew Merritt.

Two words: 'Foxtel' and 'TAB'.


  1. What a waste of hospital resources! Shoot the lot of them.

    The trial should be good for a laugh!!!

  2. These brothers wouldn't be Lebanese would they? I'm trying to find a downside, that's it they didn't all kill each other.

  3. Ok, I have tried and tried, but i just don't get the Foxtel and TAB bit.

  4. Jeez de Gruchy sounds like a charmer.

  5. Hopefully they'll continue doing bad things to each other. Karma's a bitch ain't it?

  6. Naut ~ Pay per view and bet on the fights.

  7. Ah, prison justice, still taking up where a lot of people the real world justice system screws up.

    No matter what the other inmates are guilty of there are still some lines you don't cross. Ever. They did.

  8. You just know that those two arrogant crunts decided to tell the 4 hard men they were better than them.
    Good to see they are enjoying their stay.

  9. The population needed a bit of thinning, maybe. Too many inmates, not enough toilet paper.

  10. Ahhhh, should have been able to work that one out.


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