Thursday, 1 October 2009

Re: that young chick sailing round the world

There's a young girl here who's about 16 and is about to attempt to sail around the world - in a boat - funnily enough.

Apparently her jaunt kicks off from Sydney soon, but first, she had to sail from north of Brisbane TO Sydney. On the first night just off the coast of Brisbane she sailed into a fucken WOPPING GREAT bulk carrier at around 2 of the A.M.

Boats builders and the like rallied together and sorted out the damage for her for free. TROOPERS, each and every one.

But that brings me to this point. What about her insurance?. What about insurance, 'full stop'.

Do adventurers and suicidal glory hunters need rescue insurance to piss off and kill themselves?.


  1. She's got insurance. It's called the Royal Australian Navy. Tony Bullimore and that random French chick can't be wrong.

  2. Too young. Too inexperienced. I hold grave fears for this young lady.

  3. I am not sure about the needs for insurance, but I believe that the parents are in desperate need of growning at least one brain between them.

  4. Me too Al.

    Doc, yeah the navy will be holding their breath till she hits someone elses territorial waters.

  5. Think everyone is a fraction uncomfy about it D. It's a good thing, on some level. Inspring, and shit. But you know, I couldn't send my kid off like that.

  6. I'm all for adventure and intrepid journey's etc but buy some freakin' super dooper insurance so that the taxpayer of whatever country's reef/island/whale/storm you hit doesn't have to foot the bill.

    Re being 16 - good on her, and good on her parents for accepting and supporting the dream. I guess they've managed to get their collective heads around the fact that something could go badly wrong - that's really living! Remember it's only a very very modern thing that we coddle our teenagers and quite frankly it doesn't seem to be helping them grow up right in many cases.

  7. I think because of the international nature of the rescue, no insurance should not be required. The law of the sea has always been to assist those in need and I believe that is correct.

    As for those that sail poorly skilled or prepared and "unneccessarly" put themselves at risk? Well the media has a role to expose and embarrass them.

    As for the young girl's trip, there are circumstances I would like my daughter take the trip and I can only assume in this case the parents have taken it as seriously as I would.

  8. Is the concern with her age, or sex, you think?. That stack didn't help her cause. I wouldn't doubt the parents have taken it MORE than serious but we all wear a seatbelt, we all walk on the footpath and not up the middle of the road etc etc.

    Why should planning a trip be any different? where the outcome has a REAL chance of going arse up and you and me have to pay for the rescue and they get to write a book and make a doco from it.

  9. Bit of both, it would definately be easier for her is she was a he. The stack didn't help but as I read it she was completely in the right.

    I am sure she has all the saftey equipement and will do the equivilent of wearing a seatbelt, walking on the footpath, etc.

    Remember there is no requirement to have third party property insurance in many states in Australia, only third party personal which is part of rego.

    You could argue that a component of boats registration could include a rescue cover, but you would have to get all nations to agree to charge it and have some kind of body to administer it.

    I kind of like that the sea is the only place left in the world where there is a strong moral obligation to assist those in need without thought of yourself. Outside the 3 mile limit (or however far it is now) no country owns the sea and yet they will still go to assist those in trouble.

    It is a great demonstration of the power of communities ability to assist those in need.

  10. The mother has claimed the outcry against her going is sexism. I'd say it's got more to do with the fact her darling little angel crashed her unfathomable expensive boat into a trawler about 15 minutes into the test run, but that's just me.

  11. Doc I think she has overstated the sexism angle, but it definately exists in many people's minds.

    Again, as bet I can tell the freighter crashed into her and not her into it.

  12. Just wondering, it was kinda suggested - in a negative sense - that she was alseep when they hit. If that's a negative, when's she 'spose to crash? - lol so to speak.

  13. Yeah she was asleep, going to be hard to sail around the world without sleeping.


  14. Good luck to her for trying. But her test run ended with a resounding 'F'.
    The pirates are going to love seeing her little pink boat come sailing into their waters, and no doubt will be seeing more than her pink boat in next to no time.!!!
    Lets face it. A young GIRL, on the high seas, on her own, has a huge target on her back.
    Are we expected to weep and wail when this might just end in disaster???
    A brain between the parents is probably wishing for a bit too much.
    Talk about riding on your kids coat tails.

    Fuckin drifters, the lot of them.

    None of us are against adventure. But please, ffs, let the adventure be somewhat less likely to end in tears, heartbreak and an enormous cost to society when we have to kip into our tax pockets to go rescue her little arse.

    Natural disasters. no worries, throw as much money as is needed in that direction.
    Self imposed disasters, piss off and fund ur own rescue if its needed.

  15. that should be *dip* not kip.. lol.. but you all get my drift!!!


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