Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hob knobing with Bill Gates' mates

Here's an interesting little factoid that some of you may not know. I do a little bit of "writing" - (random blatherings that Big Bad Al turns into something coherant) - for a gaming website - (link too the right) - totally for the purpose of getting free shit joy and love gained from playing shithouse games and sparing you, my friends, that same pain. FKN samaritan me tells ya.

Seriously, I love gaming. It's my hobby, and to be invited to share my opinion on a website that takes a professional, but human, approach to it all was awesome. Good bunch of blokes, all over 20 something to 30's, but the boss is a FKN arsehole. J/K Mick. *cough*

I got invited to a Xbox Live thingy that's happening on Monday next Saturday, now,, nope, back to Monday in 'The Valley' where they'll be show casing Twitter, Facebook, and other shit no one wants to be annoyed with while pwning n00bz things that we're real excited go and check out and be invited too. I may video it. But I'm afraid to take my camera in 'The Valley'. I don't wanna have to crack some fuck head in the head with it. Would bring new meaning to 'interactive media', however. We'll see.

To be continued...


  1. The Valley's not the Gaza Strip mate, I'm sure you and the vidcam will be a'ight.

  2. lol It is compared to Fernvale.

  3. I look forward to the next instalment. Be careful out there in no mans land.

  4. Other than the stuff they had in video arcades during the 80's, I have never played a video game. But I am not a philistine: I bought my son a high end Xbox - which has caused only moderate neurological damage, so I feel fairly good about the decision.


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