Monday, 19 October 2009

I LOVE the smell of napalm in the morning

I love Tuesdays. Nothing like a good old argument - hosted by Birmo - first up to flare the nostrils and get a running start on the day. Problem is, some days it starts raining bullshit and the battle gets bogged down and goes WAY past the gentlemans hour of productivity. I like that occasionally too, though.

Old Blunty makes it a fraction difficult - because of the cosmetics - to go for anything other than giving someone a running boot in the balls then leaving them to it. Doc did that today, and I've done that before. It isn't Birmo's fault. He's fought in the trenches to get it sorted, but he's fighting a futuristic war against WW1 Germans. They just don't seem to get it...or give a shit.

No real point to this post other than acknowledging my appreciation to those that take the time to give a shit about my opinion. Cheers.


  1. Your opinion sucks and is completely wrong!

    Except for when you agree with me.

  2. Ahhh like the good old days at Cheeseburger gothic

  3. Good stoush. Even accounting for SOMEONE using an argument with completely dubious stats pulled from some crusty old yachtie's darkest and crustiest apertures...

    Was thinking it's not just the shitbox format of New Blunty (considering the trade name C*nty Blunty, or possibly Carnty Blarnty) that mitigates against debate. There's something a lot more satisfying about debate when you get almost immediate forward-and-back, and right of reply over whatever was just said. Blogs - esp MSM ones with spam traps, moderators and fkn appalling 'Show New Comments' functionality - can't give the same immediacy as Twunter in that respect.

  4. Things can get lost in Twitter though. And if you're trying to include everyone in your response you end up with 3 characters left lol.


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