Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Moko Article

I've been doing a bit of fun writing for a gaming website recently. Figured I may as well use my blog to plug it.

Click this link.


  1. Goddamn media whore.

    In other news, Dr Yobbo's World of Bollocks and award-winning* sorta-fiction series In The Worst Possible Taste are appearing at a Blogspot near you...

    *No awards were harmed in the making of this post

  2. Interesting piece Moko esp as you do swear whilst COD4 quite a bit if memory serves me right but less than H and myself.

    But yeah the sexualisation of games is a bit weird, but might go down a treat in japan...

  3. Listen pussy-cat with the lime on its head...I've known you long enough...now quit this crap!

  4. Oh shit...so you really did write an article....ahem.

  5. I do agree some of its for shock value, but if we had a 18+ rating in this country things would be a lot better for the gaming. Though IMHO no nudity is gratuitous, even granting the problems with the uncanny valley.

  6. For me it's context. If it's sitting in the right place I'm ok with it, but otherwise it's just a bad episode ... of ... umm ... something shitty.

  7. With all things it is up to the person themselves. If they don't like it don't bloody buy it! Not to mention leaving others alone who don't dwell in beige cardigans, and consider a nice cup of tea a strong drink.

    Or something like that anyway. You get my meaning.


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