Sunday, 16 May 2010

Thank you SO MUCH Mr Bedak

Simon felt sorry for me and the missus regarding missing the Tasmanian Babes Fiasco with all the guys. We're both still spoiling from it, especially me, but not much less Tracy as it was an event like no other for me.

Simon wrote to me via Twitter offering a copy of the script to soften the blow. I understand it is one of only a handful of copies in existence and I'm the only one outside of him, Birmo, Nat, and cast that has one. It is humbling to say the least and I have no idea how to show my gratitude other than saying thank you. I'll treasure it with pride. It's going to get printed and bound....just for me.

Obviously this is trust, as well, from Simon, and of course I'm FULLY aware of the significance of this trust and I'm humbled by your faith in my character.

Prepare to be hounded for signatures. lol

Thanks again.


  1. Yeah. Very cool.

    But what about me? What do I get, eh? A big steaming pile of nothing, that's what.

    I'm gonna start posting vids of me cooking egg mcmuffins on my grill (sans BBQ sauce; I mean, who puts BBQ sauce on an egg?) and see if I get any respect.


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