Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Pacific

We're coming up to episode four on Wednesday and I gotta say .... MEH .... so far.

Band of Brothers was awesome. The Pacific was sold off to me as the sequel Band of Brothers so I'm expecting something of that quality. Thing is, it isn't. Dunno what's missing, but it definitely doesn't have the same feel.

It's like what Treyarch did to the CoD series with Call of Duty: World at War. Just saying.


  1. It's definately different. Much more people focussed, but that's ok.

    The thing I am finding odd is that the episode often is very different to the weeks promos.

    For example, they advertised last week as one man's story and how he found the love of his life. They got the one man's story bit right.


  2. Watched the first episode... Decided Meh also. Haven't watched it since.

  3. Turns out Stephen E Ambrose who wrote Band of Brothers only influence on The Pacific is his brother being a consultant. MEH.

  4. I loved Band of Brothers, but you are right, couldn't be bothered with Pacific. Just not the same feeling there.

  5. Haven't watched it, despite the advertsing about filmed in Australia (unless you are in Brisbane in which case they are much more specific and say film in Queensland).

  6. I would stick with it, but you are right..IT is different thats for sure. I think the marketing gurus fkd up somewhat, the expectation of " band of brothers like", but in the pacific theater was high. IT aint BoB and never will be. HANG TUFF ya BIG FKN SOOK!

  7. I'll join the chorus of 'meh'. But I'll still watch it - probably in the hope of more battle scenes. As for the characters...not a patch on BoB. I'm hoping this weeks ímmense battle scenes'don't turn out to be the fizzer like the bloke allegedly finding the love of his life (as Naut pointed out, what the fuck happened there?).

  8. Who knows Colin matey, who knows.

    I was watching a thing on the Kokoda battle/s last weekend and they covered the absolute guts of the story as voiced by those that were there. Everything from cannibalism by the Japanese through to no mercy whatsoever by BOTH sides. You just get the feeling it isn't going to go that deep and give a real sense of the horror. IMO BoB and Saving Pvt Ryan gave you THAT vibe about it all. This is like some Disney version.

  9. Oh by the way - for some reason my real name pops up may know me better as Bondiboy66!

    That Kokoda doco was excellent as was BoB and the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan...this is more akin to 'Combat' with better special effects and more jungle.


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