Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco: My Experience

Me and the missus had been excited about the prospect of seeing the sequel to He Died With a Felafel in His Hand because we LOVED it. We bought the tickets to closing night the moment they went on sale and had been eagerly counting down the days. As a bonus, I'd get to meet a man I greatly respect in @Havock, the playwright @Simon and the author @JB again and introduce the missus to all these faceless names I'm continually rabbiting on about. Of course, there's the usual cast of characters that are always fun to hang with and some I'd hadn't met and was very keen to. This WAS, The Burger Night of Nights.

Due to the job not giving me hours I had to take on a shift on the day....but that was okay, I was going to the show. The missus had to judge a goat show at the Boonah Show, but that was okay, we are going to the show. We never get to go out just coz we can't afford the extra expense but this was something special to both of us. Seriously.

I get home from work at about five. Long fucking day, but I felt great, because I was going to the show. The missus got home from her show and I was SURPRISED she was keen as mustard to go. We were stoked.

We jump in the car at 630 and we're off. I FKN forgot to grab the address of the theatre to punch in to the GPS and after much fuck knuckling around rang a mate and he googled it for me. Problem solved. Just at that moment I notice a sign on the Warrego RIGHT at the last exit before the FUCKEN PILE OF SHIT Ipswich Motorway - or carpark, as it's been referred to. I said to the missus, "Alternate Brisbane route???"...which was what was on the sign. Sure enough, we get round the corner of no return and here's a sign that says, "Ipswich Motorway Closed. Find Alternate Route".

There is no alternate route at where we were at. There are no exits. You're stuck on it until Redbank. We got to that sign at around 650. We got to Redbank at 8pm. Redbank, normally, would 5 minutes from that sign. There was no way we were gonna make before 9:30. The show started at 8.

That show was a oncer, and we're devastated. I got home and found this online.

May 15, 2010

Huge delays when Ipswich Motorway closes

TRAFFIC heading towards Brisbane this weekend will face massive delays as the Ipswich Motorway closes for a total of 29 hours.

From 5pm today to noon tomorrow, and again from 7pm Sunday to Monday 5am, major roadwork will be undertaken between Redbank and Wacol.



  1. That sucks, Moko. That really fucking sucks. I'm sorry.

  2. Oh, that's just fucking shit in monumental proportions. Some fuckers need cappin, pronto.

  3. Mate, it was a cracker, that won't help ya mood, bit you made the effort . As for the QT muppets , they need capping. I'll seen ya next time we are up or you down. Be good



  4. I feel your pain, buddy. A few years ago I drove all the way to the airport, stood in one of those long bent lines, got to the ticket counter and discovered I left my passport at home. So I drove like mad back home and was in such a hurry I ran over my own cat sleeping in my driveway. I decided to mourn later and still try to make my flight, so I rushed into my house and stumbled upon my wife in bed with my older brother filming a sex tape they planned on selling commercially over the internet. Well, I don't have to tell you that I put a stop to that bullshit. I got lucky. If not for the accident of forgetting my passport at home, I would have faced almost certain social embarrassment when that sex tape went public. So I guess I am trying to say that, for me, the glass ended up being half full instead of half empty, and maybe you can see your situation in the same positive light. Maybe the play sucked but no one has the heart to tell Bedak and company, so maybe your mistakes saved your from a socially awkward situation, too.

    God, I miss that cat.

  5. OMG Paul. Sorry about your cat.

    And sorry I didn't get to meet you Moko.



  6. Ditto. I was asking at dinner if some guy was you. Turned out to be MickH. Anyway, I'll send you the script which apart from the actors and JB, no-one else in the world has. Bedes

  7. Thank you SO much.

  8. Paul, you're SUCH a dag. I have NO IDEA if you're serious or not. Thanks mate.

  9. What? You doubt my veracity??

  10. Why would you ever think PNB would be smartassing us?


  11. OH NO!!!

    I had NO IDEA this had happened!!

    Moko I'm so sorry, that's just horrid.

    I'm so pleased Bedes is sending you a script - but I must warn you, there were changes in the rehearsal process.

    What I'm going to arrange is a copy of the final night's show (which we filmed) to get to you. One of my cast members taped it, so as soon as I can get the footage, I will get you a copy.

    It's not the same, but hopefully then you can see some of the visual gags!!!

  12. GOD what a fucking crock!!
    I kept saying "where's Pete?" or "where's Moko?" most of the evening because i knew you were so keen to go. (we were sitting behind you remember)

    I'm am soooo glad I have moved away from that fracking highway mate otherwise i would have been caught in it too!


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