Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Me, and other opinionated fools.

Banned from another debate website. lol

This is what got me booted.

"You're SUCH a hypocrite "ALGOREisRICH". You don't like being repressed but you're MORE than comfy shoveling homosexuality into the same barrel as paedophilia. You SHOULD be repressed. Intolerance and inciting hate is a crime, last I heard.

Why is it any of yours, and Akermanis', business what gays should and shouldn't do?. How does it affect you and how you go about your life?. If ANYONE, straight or gay, acts sexually inappropriately that is a crime and should be dealt with according to the laws of the land. What you need to do is crawl out from whatever mud filled hole you're in and spend some time with the gay community and you might find they are human beings and don't continuously look for 'victims' and plot their 'next attack'. Fool.”

It's only a week ban, which isn't bad compared against one that's for life, apparently. lol I really shouldn't go there and it's even labelled as "DON'T CLICK" in my links, but arguing is my drug of choice.

If only we had our own forum.


  1. You should get decals made up, like the one the aces would stick on the side of the aircraft when they downed an enemy fighter

  2. I thought Blunty was your base?


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