Thursday, 27 May 2010

Help us get Doc a sex change

Our mate Doc - who apparently has gender issues - mentioned on his blog that he'd get a 3D Tv the day after his sex change operation. Our other mate Al started a fund to raise the money FOR a 3D Tv to ease the transition for Doc.

Just for sheer joy for Doc I'll chip a hundy bucks for this tele.

We may need a lawyer to get around Docs reasoning that he'd buy one AFTER his sex change. Paul?.

Who's in?.


  1. My position is legally bulletproof. And I got photos of you with Jitterbug and Flame which the RSPCA ain't gonna like. Your call

  2. Doc, can I get copies of those photos?

  3. Your heart, Al. Remember your heart.

  4. Nah they've got me this far, besides you'll just run to Channel Seven with them

  5. The Doc wants to become a man now? I suppose he is an ugly chick.



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