Saturday, 8 May 2010

Avoid the MIO GPS.

It's a great little piece of equipment, but I'm wanting to update the maps cause I've had it a few years now and the roads have changed alot in some places. Turns out I can't update the maps on mine - C310 - and they kinda push you to trading and upgrading. The one I've got works fine, it only needs maps. It also seems the company is a pain in the arse to deal with ... from what I've read.

Just for what I'm going through with updating I won't get another MIO.


  1. Unfortunately SOP for them.

  2. Duely noted thanks for the tip

  3. Garmin.
    Maps? I don't need maps.
    I have a eTrex and it works just fine.

  4. For driving. An eTrex won't tell me where 'blah blah Street' is...

  5. ...unless I download caches. Fuck that.


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