Saturday, 27 February 2010

Australia giving terrorist sympathisers a gobbie over dead scumbag.

Interesting enough, Australia has signed up to track down the people that took out the PLO official/Hamas militant/kidnapper/weapon smuggler Mr Mahmoud al-Mahbhouh. Bizarrely enough they wouldn't help find terrorists like this in the first place but we get all butt hurt and start rattling sabres when he dies?.

Mr Rudd, WTF???.

What concern do you think Mr Mahmoud al-Mahbhouh had for the victims of the Bali bombings?. Barely registering a blip on the concerns scale me thinks but we're gonna find justice for him?.

What I find MOST interesting is we're also pandering to the UAE over it. As a side thought it will be interesting to see how these Saudi, UAE, and other oil nations stand politically if alternative energies become dominant. What sort of effect would that have on conflict world wide and international relations.

Really interesting article in the Wall St Journal regarding the killing from an ex-CIA operative.


  1. Who gives a fuck what the dead cahrnt's opinions on Bali were, and how do you know what they were? The PLO and Jamaah Islamiah are a fucking long way apart in the nutjob standings I think you'll find. The point is, job one of any sovereign nation is to stand up and protect the rights of its citizens. Including the right not to have its citizens' identities stolen by foreign agents. If you were on the news being described as wanted for involvement cos some black ops hero decided to photoshop his photo into your passport and use it to off someone, you'd be profoundly fucked off and bleating to the government to Do Something.

  2. The world only know's coz those fuck head two faced mother fucker UAE cock suckers put em on there. Yeah, coz assassins would use their real passports.

    "The PLO and Jamaah Islamiah are a fucking long way apart in the nutjob standings I think you'll find."

    Yeah mate, the PLO/Hamas - which is who this bag of fertiliser worked for - are the pinnacle of all that's righteous in the ME. *cough* yeah right *cough*

    "...and if one of those bottles should happen to fall, there's 9,999,999 bottles of beer on the waaaaall"

  3. I don’t want to oversimplify matters, but as the saying goes, today’s terrorist scumbag is tomorrow’s hero. It’s something that we’ve seen repeatedly throughout history, and will continue to see.

    In pre-partition Ireland, terrorists killed people and were killed themselves; they were imprisoned or executed as traitors. Now they’re national heroes. In Palestine, the terrorist group called Fighters for the Freedom of Israel by themselves, and the Stern Gang by the British, similarly killed Brits in order to further their aims. Later one of them, Yitzhak Shamir, was to become not just a hero but a prime minister of Israel. How many people remember him as a terrorist scumbag now?

    The Palestinians are not likely to reclaim ‘their’ land, but if they did then Mahmoud al-Mahbhouh would become a martyr, and the Israeli death squads would be the bad guys. I would have no particular sympathy for them if they were caught and tried for murder.

    As an aside, while I don’t know the reason for Australia’s interest, the UK has a responsibility to be involved in the investigation. 12 British passport holders had their identities stolen and British passports were forged as part of a murder plot. Should they turned a blind eye to this on the grounds that it was a political killing rather than a ‘normal’ murder?

  4. Oh yeah, interesting article in The Wall Street Journal, especially the closing paragraphs.

  5. Australia's involvement is pretty much the same as the UK's; there were a coupla Ocker passports in there.

    I'm probably a fraction biased, I must admit, I've got no sympathy for Islamo fundi's cause I know what they think about Christianity, and I'm pro-Israeli - no matter what ... well, excluding something fairly horrific happening - coz I appreciate the dynamics they're in veing constantly under threat and attacked based in their locale. Yeah, the Palestinians caught the stinky end of the stick but the Israeli's aren't going anywhere so they may need to reconsider flip flopping around like a dying fish on the dock. They are beaten, life would be much better for them if they piss off Hamas and Fatah and the dozen or so other two legged land mine fruit loop groups.


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