Sunday, 14 February 2010

Ruining Valentines Day FTW

At work yesterday I was out the front still learning how she all works while I jump back into the kitchen and occasionally cook up shit. Being V Day ya sorta half expected some people to rock up but not many due to "who the fuck would come here on V Day" but invariably my part of town in full to over flowing with cheap fuckers.

In the morn she was as quiet as a church so one chick who'd been on the piss the night before decided to take herself home - she's REAL Irish, so you know....MUNTED. Nice. Typically, 5 minutes later we got SMASHED by patrons.

So here's me - who's as useful as tits on a bull - and a young fella dealing with a FULL HOUSE and one chef out the back. YEEEHAAAR.

Surprised there wasn't a brawl. Oh, and at about 1:45pm, we run out of food.

We should've just started yelling Allahu Akbar!. At least they would've understood where we were coming from.

Hazaah, for cheap arse under staffing employers.



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