Monday, 22 February 2010

The fit thing ... Moko style.

So gyms bore me. They have their place, especially when it comes to weights which I'm kinda of convinced I don't really need. The upkeep is a pain in the arse and I have a niggly little injury to my shoulder joint I got from lifting 25 kilo bags of stuff for 2 years at a job I had. I don't wish to make that worse for obvious reasons.

The way I see it is that I'm on a reasonably sized block of land where the boundaries aren't being used for anything other than attempting to keep animals in. So why not use em for getting fit on me mountain bike?. I have about four paddocks at my disposal at a total size of about ten acres without hindrance of gates needing to be opened and closed.

Slope = top to bottom @ about 1 meter per 10 meters. So not that bad.

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So my question is, do I need jumps?.


  1. If you are comfortable with jumps, well yeah, why not? Big, fuckoff jumps. Tabletops, them ones that are one hump, land on the next jumps. X-Games level jumps for full radicallnessosity.

    It is, of course, safer to keep your wheels on the ground though.

    Cool property!

  2. I can see jumps ending with me being impaled on fence posts ... yes ... posts, and testicles being returned to whence they came.

    Thanks, it's a nice place to wake up to.

  3. Nice Digs Moko, jumping will lead to an accident just ask my nephews.

  4. You only 'need' jumps as much as you 'need' a motocross bike to go over them with.

    So hell yeah you need jumps.

  5. Looks fun. I rode my bike to and from school for 6 years. It helped some but it never came close to giving any real cardio like running does. It's sort of sporadic. Pumping up a hill, then coasting down. Repeat. Just 2 cents.

  6. I was going to suggest trenches with sharpened wooden stakes at the bottom, but I see you're ahead of me.

  7. Yes you do need jumps, did you consider setting up the video camera for these jumps? Just think of the hits on Youtube when you maim yourself! You'd be famous. (Just kidding)

  8. Thanks for the air recon photo. Now I know where to send the Drone.

  9. Leave the bike in the shed and just run it you slack prick.

    No jumps, Kiwis are a flightless bird for a reason.

  10. I've heard that riding across a ploughed field is pretty good exercise (the farm girl said,'I'll never come that way again') but I get enough exercise on the streets, riding to work and all the riding I do whenever the weather is good.

    Jumps are too hard on the ol' bod when you land, wot?

  11. Seriously.......... why not keep the jumps for the bedroom ..........bedroom 'jumps' get the heartrate up,, ya sweat some, ur testicles do come back down......... ur impaled,, but not ona frikken fence post....

    All in all,, a much better idea than riding a frikken bike round a paddock.

    Just a thought ........ :-)


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