Monday, 15 February 2010

It's not his fault...

Sections of the media are highlighting the TRAGEDY of the killing of the student at school yesterday by basically stating 'the role' of violent games and movies being partly, if not largely, responsible.

Why are 'kids' playing and watching rated games and movies?. Who is REALLY responsible for that?. My only opinion on that is where does a 14 and under child get $110 from for an M15+ rated game?. Who in their right mind lets their child watch R rated movies like Rambo?.

If violent content REALLY IS damaging - (which it can be for sure) - then maybe parents - (who are apparently dumb as fuck on the whole) - need to be a fraction more responsible in regards to neglect of welfare of their kids for letting them play these games. I've heard kids who sound 4 tops on Xbox Live playing M rated games.

Really these people who take advantage of these 'cause celebre' to run their agenda really should consider the facts surrounding the case before running their gobs off.

Seems to me with this tragedy that the offender premeditated it to some degree by taking a knife to school. You'd think at a private school the need for a 20cm (9 inch?) fish filleting knife for protection wouldn't be a priority so you might need to consider some sort of extended issue between the two. Just by the fact that it IS a 20cm knife that it might not be a long term weapon of choice for protection at a school. Logically a smaller one might be a more considered choice?. This would suggest that there's no real need to panic regarding weapons in school. Of course it happens, but let's not freak out here.

Either way, the fact is someone's baby died yesterday and possibly today might not be the day to air agenda on national TV till some of the facts arise and both families have had a chance to mourn.


  1. Some parents are cast-iron fucktards, and this sort of 'society's to blame' shit lets them get away with it. Enough. Someone let that kid bring a fishing knife to school and kill another kid with it. I don't know of too many knife-fighting games on XBox - maybe it was the throwing knives on Goldeneye N64?? - so the gaming thing looks like barrow-pushing crap to me.

  2. I knew that the media would bring up violent games and movies as soon as I heard of this tragedy.

    The parents have to take some responsibility for controlling access to these products.

    It may not have anyting to do with this event anyway (not that the media gives a stuff).

    Lets hope this one incident does not result in a knee jerk political reaction (metal scanners at school entrances anyone ? )

  3. They've been talking about it Gaz. Some in NSW do already?

  4. I’ll confess I haven’t read the ‘it’s the violent video games’ angle yet, but then I haven’t seen a lot of media other than the age website so far.

    I know there is and all ways will be violence, that is no comfort to this boys friends and family. The boy who stabbed him will now be questioned, scrutinised and hopefully he will come out the other end of whatever is imposed on him as someone who regrets what they did and incapable of such a senseless act ever again.

    But if anyone thinks that if only this boy hadn’t been able to play violent video games, or if he had to go through a metal detector each morning to get to school would have stopped any violent assaults then they are naive.

    What I also find abhorrent is that someone has posted violent and thoughtless messages on a social networking site honoring the life of slain boy. Gutless curs.

  5. There's nothing positive that will come out of it, and like the kid's lawyer said, there's always two sides to every story. Just makes it all the more tragic we're talking about children.

    What fires me up is arseholes using it as a flag for their own little agenda.

  6. Well, fuck. I've been arguing for a 'parenting license' for years. As it stands, anybody with a set of functional gonads can go out and spawn. What the fuck is up with that? They make you take a test before you drive, right? And you're supposed to be of sound mind before you vote, right?

    So how come any dick can get together with the jane of his choice to become Dad and Mum?


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