Friday, 5 February 2010

Geert Wilders

You'd think Freedom of Speech would indicate that you're actually free to speak, and as we've seen here in a concerted, and ACTUAL effort to quash freedom of verbalization of one's thoughts through an apparent fear by none other that Herr Atkinson of S.A.

She's all getting a bit silly in the Government Department of Political Correctness as well. Crimes against anyone here is abhorrent, crimes against anyone based on racism and/or prejudice is even more so, but when the media of another nation points fingers and falsely DECLARES an entire state fundamentally and overtly racist you would think your government would come in to bat and metaphorically tell them to "Go fuck yourselves you hypocritical carhnts". It's interesting they don't. India is significantly more overtly racist as a society than we could even dream to be, but fear of disapproval - which is a fundamental nation trait here - seems to more influential in the government's psyche than pride and confidence in the fundamental fabric that makes up a fair and equal democracy.

I mean, "what the fuck" in setting up "Minister for Respect"?. What's next, Ministry of Silly Walks?. Seriously, this was set up in response to the outcry's of "racism" from India due "to the racial attacks" on Indian nationals. Which, in fact, the fella that was burnt in the car was an insurance job, and three Indian nationals have been arrested for the murder of the poor bugger in Griffith.

Geert Wilders is a politician in the Netherlands that is outspoken against Islam - as opposed to "Muslim". This bloke SEEMS a fraction nationalistic to me - without actually having all the vibe surrounding him - but Freedom of Speech shouldn't have caveats to exclude topics that cause discomfort. For a parallel here you would consider the OVERALL reaction from the government over the "Women are meat" via the offensive ramblings of Sheik Hilali and then them 'actually' prosecuting someone for pointing out that this is a fundamental belief in Islam. Fucken bizarre, and goes against EVERYTHING democracy means....oh, and hypocritical. Unfortunately for people like Mr Wilders the PC brigade have got their heads so far up their own arses that the oxygen and light that's needed for clarity of thought is non-existent.

This really is a scary glimpse of the future.

Check out his summons here (pdf), for details. It's interesting to note that the "court" removed much of his ability to defend himself.

Part 1 of "Fitna". This movie is why he's on trial. Ironic as fuck. Don't bother with 3 and 4. Just some randoness post the person that post them.

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. Votaire said it best for me

    Disagree with what you say etc,..etc...

    The offensive, pig ignorant I don't have a problem allowing them to speak, offensive I can handle. The times I am most tempted to say that some one should shut the hell up is when they are boring someone ridged with the same sports anecdote from their salad days they have told for the fifty time.

  2. I get the impression a lot of the anti-Wilders sentiment in Holland is people screaming at him in their own heads "SHUT THE FUCK UP BEFORE YOU GET US ALL KILLED!!1!"

    Which isn't a sign of sensible, informed debate, but just goes to show the people Wilders is sledging are incapable of being sensible or informed, because they're medievalist fucktards.

  3. The slap-Wilders-about-the-head camp is all about insecurity. Beating up on his thoughts long and hard doesn't make them go away, just attracts attention to their own superstitious blood-letting ways. May as well be Incas and skin people alive the FKN MUPPETS!

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